Disaster Preparedness in Japan Essay Sample

Disaster Preparedness in Japan

Japan is situated in a zone of high seismic activity, seas and an ocean surround it. That is why the government pays high attention to disaster preparedness. This country can serve as an example for many countries, which sooner or later feel the insecurity of natural threat.

The greatest natural threat in my region

I live in Ukraine, in a small town in the mountainous region of Transcarpathia. Of all the territory of my country, this region is considered to be one of the most unsafe regions. In winter avalanches come down from mountains. In summer floods often occur. The inhabitants of local villages and towns have experienced a lot of natural shocks in their life. Many of them were injured; some of them became victims of a disaster. A few years ago in a village, called Russka Mokra a mud avalanche buried a house of local residents. The family was inside. They all died. Unfortunately, our state does not provide much money for preparedness and prevention of such natural threats. That is why most responsibility falls on local residents. For example, they try to cut down trees in the right way. That prevents the convergence of avalanches. The drainage system and the waste ways have to be organized well, which allows water not to stagnate in areas, where people live.  However, it often happens that nature makes a surprise; its behavior cannot be foreseen in advance. People do everything possible what depends on them, but when a threat comes, they start to pray God and ask Him to save them and their families.

The Middle East nation

I believe that the verges, I created for different nations of the Middle East would be a power for collaboration rather than clash because of the people from that culture and confession specifically perceive people of other nationalities and religions. They often show belligerence and hostility. Sometimes other people need help, though they do not realize it. Conservative and limited approach to them can promote better relations, rather than close contact, which can cause aggression.

The atomic bomb

My strongest argument against using the atomic bomb is that justice has never been restored by war. War and any manifestation of such aggression bring threat and tragedy in every home. This is a senseless game of politicians for their own interests, but not for the interests of ordinary people. To be protected does not mean to use the weapon. Only a selfless desire to help others, sacrifice and compassion are able to establish a real and true peace.

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