Culture Defines Us Essay Sample

Culture Defines Us

Culture defines us. A person’s beliefs, customs, speech, mannerisms, etc. are all part of his/her cultural heritage. In today’s globalised world, understanding different cultures is instrumental, especially considering that every day the consolidation of a fully integrated multicultural society draws nearer. Connectivity is widespread due to the development of the Internet. People from all over the world have enhanced communications capabilities in real time. This has allowed a continuous flow of information throughout the entire world as well as continuous transference between the world’s different cultures.

I believe that it is crucial to recognize the importance of globalization and communications in today’s world. I also feel that it is important to recognize that culture is valuable not just in an artistic or scholarly sense. Culture has important political, economic, and social connotations that ultimately have an effect on the pace of globalization and the overall consolidation of a new world order. Culture is a subject that I have always been particularly passionate about. I remember going with my parents to the Lancaster City Museum when I was small. Taking in the art from other times and places impacted me and drew me towards cultural studies immediately. Perhaps, my most significant experience, culturally speaking, was a trip I made to Prague. I had never been out of the United Kingdom, and even though I was familizared with Western Europe, I knew nothing about Eastern Europe (including its history and culture). Walking through the streets of Prague, meeting its people, hearing its language, and seeing its architecture truly opened up an entire new world for me. From that moment, I realized that I wanted to dedicate my life to studying other cultures.

Today, I am an undergraduate student majoring in Media and Cultural Studies at Lancaster University. I decided on Media and Cultural Studies because I understood that globalization necessitated a full integration of the world’s different cultures in order for all societies to develop integrally. Also, I was convinced that the best way of doing this was through the media. Communications allow us to interact with other cultures in real time, to study and understand them. They also allows societies to share their cultures with the rest of the world so that others also can study them. I believe that language is the greatest thing of man’s creation, and today, technology has allowed language (in all of its forms) to transcend space and time.

I was attracted to Cardiff University’s postgraduate program because it focuses on global public relations. I was particularly drawn by one of the program’s areas of study: PR & Globalization. Cultural transference can only take place through enhanced communications capabilities. This, in turn, requires a thorough understanding of how the forces of globalization exert their influence on the world’s different societies. Furthermore, throughout my undergraduate studies, I have come to realize that it is not only about enabling communications, but about enhancing them as well. It is vital that communications are effective and direct. As well, they must assimilate the tastes and preferences of each cultural group so that there are no cultural clashes but rather a full cultural integration.

I am convinced that the International Public Relations and Global Communications Management program will enable me not only to become more knowledgeable in cultural studies, but also to be able to contribute more effectively to the enhancement of globalization and the consolidation of one global multicultural society. I remember my fascinating time at Prague was also frustrating, because it was difficult for me to communicate with others. I hope that one day the difficulties I experienced will not be a problem for any tourist visiting any place in the world. This might be a dream, but it is something that pushes me to work harder and harder in understanding culture, communications, and the forces that drive globalization.

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