Concert Report Essay Sample

Concert Report

I attended a jazz concert. It was held at Yoshi's Jazz Club in Oakland. This was the first live jazz concert I had ever attended. I did not know what of expect. The concert was organized by a top Community College. The evening’s jazz group was from California. It was one of the longest running jazz groups with over forty years of performance. The guest artist list was overwhelmingly impressive with guests including Mark Anderson, Clark Williams,Jill Lescot, Mike Wayne, Bruce Kelly, Bob James, Duke Mendez, Johnnie Clark, Godfrey Luke, Louis Ben, Edwin Shawn, Grant Hughes, Billy June, Wayne Guette, Tom Hernandez among others.

It was my first time at Yoshi's Jazz Club. It had modern stage and impressive lighting system. The place was full to capacity. People in the club were drinking and eating. They seemed ecstatic and very excited. We ordered some beers as we exchanged a well natured banter with the waiter. As the performance began, I sensed an aura of excitement and anticipated from the crowd. The different jazz groups and they played different jazz genres. They played their instrument with passion. The instruments consisted of a tenor saxophone, Tuba, electric Guitar and bass. The music was sensational. It caught everyone’s ears. A group of women were constantly nodding their heads to the music

I was largely impressed by Michael Wolff who played the saxophone with unrivalled prowess. He regularly closed his eyes as he reached the crescendo. Everyone was paying attention to the strong deep tones from his voice. This gave the music a very intense feeling. The fourth song was called It is A Tribute to Art Fern. I noticed that one performer using an electric guitar that produced many different kinds of sounds. At first, I found the sound irritating, but eventually I seemed to enjoy it. The performer also used a variety of percussion as well as his mouth to go along with his music. The music was a melody ears. The polyphonic shaped guitar looked marvelous. One of the backup performers used a flute. The sound produced was of medium tempo, but nevertheless expressed a remarkably calm and relaxed ambiance. Suddenly, all of the different instruments were playing different melodies. The music was in a climax. The jazz band only contained fifteen different players, but through the entire show the musicians gave an outstanding performance. Each soloist perfectly captured the music's emotion.

In conclusion, I enjoyed this show very much because the music in this concert was rich and satisfying. The audience seemed impressed and passionate. Every time a song ended, every audience immediately applauded the performers with heartfelt claps and cheers. The applause numerously lasted for a long time. I enjoyed the night’s performance. I was very impresses by the performance and the enriching music. It was a night I will always remember

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