Coco Chanel Essay Sample

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel once said, “Success is often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable.” This life principle has motivated me ever since I tried out for my first athletic team. While I have always known that failure is a possibility, there is quite a difference between a possibility and a certainty. Knowing that failure is avoidable has motivated me to do my best in every endeavor, where it is on the field, in the classroom, or in the marketplace. To pursue my goals after graduation, I can best gain the expertise and contacts that I need through the European Business School London. This is a decision that I came to myself, with only negligible input from family and friends; after researching a number of graduate school options, I have come to the realization that this is the best school to enable me to meet and exceed my goals. While there are literally hundreds of graduate business programs out there, European Business School London is the one that is ideal for my future.

When I pursued my undergraduate degree at European Business School London, I became intimately acquainted with the strengths of the university. The faculty that taught me had the utmost expertise in the fields in which I wanted to pursue, and I had the chance to start establishing some connections during my studies; some of them I want to strengthen, in order to help me move forward effectively into further study and into the professional world. During my finishing studies at Regents Business School London, the word on the street was that European Business School London was the place to go if I wanted to maximize my potential. My internships with Harrods, Ltd. and Gardant Communications brought me in contact with a number of people with expertise about the best places to pursue graduate studies in business, and European Business School came up again and again.

I am fluent in English, Arabic and French, and as part of my undergraduate studies at European Business School London, I undertook the learning of the Spanish language. Having these four languages at my disposal will make me an attractive candidate for any enterprise conducting business in the European Union and/or the Middle East. The world becomes smaller with each passing year, as the technology of communication and travel makes it easier and easier for companies to span larger portions of the globe. This means that they must serve a wider variety of customers. During my work with William & Son and with Harrods, Ltd., I learned a great deal about managing the sales industry, both from the personnel management as well as the financial management sides of the business. Taken in combination with my linguistic expertise, my background makes me an ideal candidate to utilize the expertise I would receive in a graduate program in Entrepreneurial Management at European Business School London. The tools that this educational environment may give me would prepare me to succeed quickly after I will have entered the business world upon graduation.

My master's degree will be my terminal degree: as a result, it is imperative that I make the very best choice when it comes to an institution. I have enjoyed my university studies at the undergraduate level, because of the expertise of the faculty and the rigor of the courses. I long for the opportunity to take my expertise into the professional world, armed with the prestige that a master's degree in Entrepreneurial Management from European Business School London would bestow on me. I look forward to pursuing success as far as my road will take me.

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