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Career Map

Choosing the right career is one of the most important factors in life. The career path depends on person’s likes of disliked. In fact, the future success and major accomplishments are usually related to job. The main benefit of taking this class for me is discovering my preferences in order to narrow down my career options and finally make the career decision. Before I started the class, I knew that the finance industry is my career goal. I also chose either corporate finance or financial market. Upon completion of the class, I have understood that the world of finances was the right choice. I find it fascinating and exciting. The financial career has been my dream since I was a child. I looked at successful investors like Warren Buffet and George Soros and admired them.

My understanding of the career options started when I did the Sigi3 explorations for the first time. I discovered three preferences of jobs out of a number of choices. The selections were personal finance advisor, management analyst, and meeting, convention and event planner. The aforementioned careers looked rather interesting for me, as I tried to achieve success in financial area. Moreover, I would like to occupy a strong leadership position within the managing board in my further career path. Out of three alternatives, I picked personal finance advisor as my key career target. According to ONet online, personal finance advisor job is an occupation that aims to “advise clients on financial plans using knowledge of tax and investment strategies, securities, insurance, pension plans, and real estate. Duties include assessing clients' assets, liabilities, cash flow, insurance coverage, tax status, and financial objectives” (O-Net Online). The field is interesting for me, as I can do further research in the financial filed that will entitle me with the possibility to gain additional skills and knowledge. At the same time, I will provide people with the necessary financial support in order to prepare them to solve certain issues.

Personal finance advisor is a position in the finance industry. The professionals help clients in managing their wealth to achieve a certain outcome target. In order to become a good personal finance advisor, the applicant requires professionalism in the aspect of tools, technology, knowledge, skills, and abilities. Moreover, a significant part of my job will be related to providing clients with the knowledge regarding benchmarking techniques, so together we would try to improve the current position and find the new solutions.

The first preparation criterion is the skills I need to become a personal finance advisor. According to the information provided on Onet online, the technology devices required for the job include desktop computers, notebook computers, personal computers, and tablet computers. The technology and software needed for a personal finance advisor consist of a customer relationship management (CRM) software, document management software, financial analyst software, spreadsheet, and word processing software. The given list shows a strong correlation between financial area and informational technologies. Thus, I need to be competent in the last mentioned area (O-Net Online). The requirements reflect that a personal finance advisor needs to be technology-savvy. The job could not be done effectively and efficiently without the hardware and software tools and the knowledge their use. I need to learn and practice more in technology devices by attending different seminars and conferences, where the scholars presents the changes and opportunities of international technologies’ changes.

Second criterion to meet the job requirements consists of knowledge and expertise. As I quote from Onet online, personal finance advisor requires customer and personal service, knowledge of economics and accounting, English language proficiency, education in sales marketing, administration, and management. The areas are closely correlated. However, being able to interact with customers or clients is a crucial prerequisite to become a successful personal finance advisor. Further, economics and accounting knowledge is required to effectively manage the clients’ money.

Third criterion consists of the specific skills that an applicant needs. According to Onet online, personal finance advisor must be an active listener, critical thinker, judgement and decision maker, and good reader and speaker. Moreover, it is critical to have good leadership skills, as the job might require encountering challenging and complicated issues, which means that I need to take a leading role and try to find solutions to any kind of problems. In addition, communication skills are critical, because they facilitate cooperation and help to avoid misunderstandings with clients.

The last criterion that the job requires includes a number of abilities that might be titled as soft skills. According to Onet online, deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, oral comprehension, oral expression, and written comprehension are the main abilities needed to succeed in the job. Also, the soft skills ensure successful cooperation between the professional and the client.

The discovery and assessment of the aforementioned aspects of my dream job define the areas of improvement. The class makes it easier to establish the plan of how to acquire needed expertise. I define myself as a realistic, artistic and enterprising person. My major objectives include contribution to society by bringing value, high income, and prestige to the community, in which I live. I have a commitment to never stop working until I can fulfill my goals, and achieve success. My strong sides are the ability to communicate with people, work with new equipment, organize information and understand math. Also, I have analytical skills that enable to analyze the situation from different angles, so I can make a clear conclusion and find the potential solution to the problem. Particularly, I enjoyed the experience of completing the Sigi3 assignment a couple of weeks ago.

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