As in the Picture Essay Sample

As in the Picture

A photograph is one of the simplest ways of evoking memories from the past. When looking at someone’s photograph, people can make their first impression about a person or people depicted in it. For instance, one can say whether a person in the photo is happy or sad, kind or angry, relieved or anxious, etc. Not only does a photograph depict a particular event, but it also vividly shows the emotions experienced at that very time.

The photograph on page 101 portrays two people – a young man and a girl. Taking into consideration their body language, I am prone to think that they are not just friends but a couple. The young man is embracing the girl around her waist, which is a sign of a romantic relationship between them. Though, it cannot be seen from the photo whether they are just dating, engaged or even married. Still, I am inclined to think that they are dating. Their facial expressions indicate that they are really happy together. Both of them have broad, sunny smiles on their faces. The wrinkles around their eyes are a definite indication of their sincerity. The couple is looking in the same direction together; probably they are talking about some event that is special for both of them and that makes them deliriously happy. All in all, they look lovely together as a couple.

In the background, I can see a seaside. I believe that the young couple is resting together in some picturesque place near the sea far from the hustle of the big city. Probably, they have come there not long ago to celebrate a special event in their lives, for example, the anniversary since they first met. It can be seen from the picture that they are not standing still but walking somewhere. Since they are dressed warmly, it is probably early morning, and they are returning from their walk to their place of dwelling. After that, they will have breakfast and spend a nice time together.

To sum up, we can not only notice particular emotions of the people depicted in the photograph, but make up a whole story and imagine the possible events that happened before or will take place after a particular moment.

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