A New State in the Southern Border Essay Sample

A New State in the Southern Border

My paper focuses on the border dispute in the south where there are two warring states. That is the United States of America and the Mexican government. The bond of contention being the handling of two key issues among the two countries. This paper seeks to find out the real case of the blame of drug trafficking into the United States while the gun rights in America has an issue in Mexico. These two principal stumbling blocks to warm relations between the two states have created The New State of Fear. Largely attributed to the development of the state of distress between the two nations.

There has been a conflict between the government and the drug cartel resulting in an increase in the southern border violence, resulting from the conflict between the two groups. Especially noting the harsh penalty and stringent measures that the United States has passed laws regarding the issue of drug trafficking into its territory. This border is one of the borders that are most crossed internationally. With the federal governments of the United States, experiencing an influx of immigrants from the south who are the main suspects of smuggling drugs into America. For the residents of near the Mexican border or either live around the southern California, most of these citizens live in fear of the raging war due to the drug cartel wars around the state. The united states of America as afore mentioned with her stringent anti narcotic laws, it is the biggest consumer of drugs and most especially cocaine among other hard drugs. This has led to the emergence of affluent individuals in the Mexican territory; still the country has some destitute people in the cosmos. The cartel of Mexico due to the wealth created from the drug trafficking have taken charge of most activities of economic value in the territory, in this land, enabling the cartel to gain more income. Their influence goes all the way into influencing the politics of the day and at large the electoral results so that they are able to safeguard their interest. At some point, the elected officials of the Mexican municipalities are members of the cartel with arrest of a few in the business. This fear has been catapulted by the fact that there is suspicion by the U.S government that the terrorist of the Islamic faith are involved in the narcotic business. As a result, this has caused a lot of fear not only to the American authorities but also to the Mexicans too. Since, they are wary of the involvement of the American war against terror and so near to the border of American states the state of distress set in for the people of Mexico. The state of fear grips American authorities more bearing in mind that this international border that in each day registers the highest number of cross overs illegally in to America. The terrorist with their involvement in the trade and the immense returns in this business may result into training the terrorist in Mexico. Consequently, Illegally crossing over the porous border into America heightening the security threat in America. Just alone a check at the figures of drug war among cartels in the year 2007 is estimated to about 7850. This figure is far way below the number of deaths registered among the U.S soldiers in war at Iraq since the year 2003. All these people who most of them were either brutally beheaded as a way to demoralize the war against the cartel by the duo that is both governments. In the south, that is especially the state of California a lot of citizens of America have been kidnapped by the organized criminal cartels and forced to acts as agents of the narcotic drug trade. Only in the town of Juarez slightly across the united states of America border has been a substantial war frontline. The states are counting deaths over 250 due to the bloodshed experienced over the south. This is not withstanding the numerous efforts of the Mexican government to maintain tranquility around the border towns. In addition inside the U.S in the New Mexico at a place called the Palomas, this is yet another battle front line. With the sparsely populated city of Columbus with about a population of 1800 and a uniformed discipline less as compared to other states. A feud arose, as a result, the figures of people who died from drug cartels continued to rise.

The revolts of the drug cartels have deepened the distress and their method of crimes as a way of intimidating the combating forces. May it be the forces are of American or Mexican origin they kill without any humane at all? This issue of frequent killing has been a significant threat to the federal government. Even though it is vivid that there are leading attempts by the Mexican government to combat the dreading results of the drug cartel activities. Therefore, the U.S government should not look at Mexico as a country that is conducting its business as usual by allowing the bloodshed. Among the factors that have made it possible for the Mexican government not to control the drug trafficking is majorly economic problems. The economy of Mexico is not sufficient to stage a sustainable fight against the trading in narcotics. Especially with the fact that it is a lucrative business that is illegal, and thus its cash flow into the country is as through the black market.

The twist of the guns from the U.S and what seem to be the immortal drug trafficking is aided by the policy of gun owning in the United States. This has resulted into the drug traffickers being able to acquire arm and even immensely powerful guns across the border into Mexico. In this paper, it was evident that the consequential impact of the smuggled guns has escalated crime not only at the south border but also in Mexico. The stumbling block into reducing the powers of the drug traffickers is from the fact that, in the United States of America, there are gun rights in a bid to expand democracy. As afore noted that daily the south border has lots of people crossing into America, some of whom their visit can be to acquire the guns. The criminal acts involve using the guns acquired from America along the states and cities along the southern border. By the cartel acquiring the guns and the arms, they are able to protect their trade and drug production in Mexico. This results into hindering the fight by the Mexican governments to curb the expansion of the drug trafficking trade. With the Congress opposition members refusing to allow stringent measure son gun trafficking, this has made it possible for the drug traffickers to access the arms and ammunitions. Just across the border from America with ease and are at an advantage due to the defense advancement in the American securities enabling them acquire advanced gun machineries. The cartels use the money obtained from the drug trafficking to purchase the weapons at the American gun stores.

The united States have some lobby groups who block the attempts by the agents and the officials of American governments who try to enhance the lands laws pertaining rights of guns. For instance, the opposition members in congress have come open with being anti any efforts by the government to put up measures to curb loopholes. They argue that it is an infringement of the American rights to their fundamentals of the spirit of democracy. Since there is the gun trade, this also contributes to lack of clear monitoring by the U.S agents as to whom the guns are sold to buy the licensed arm dealers. Such group of congress men and women has resulted into creating a bigger stage for other pro lobby groups on the gun trade in America. In this day, the consumer of even such durable goods must also be taken at interest with the democratic space in America. In such arguments by the pro-gun groups, it has become a vital hindrance to having stiffer regulations to curb the loopholes used by the drug traffickers to acquire the arms and ammunition.

On the other hand, the Mexican government seems to be abetting the drug violence. This depicting that the Mexican administration seems to be in approval of the drug violence. It is particularly evident that the drug traffic war lords have an extreme influence on governance of the territory of Mexico. This can be through the funding of the election candidates of the vying individuals to seek political office in Mexico. As a way of loyalty, the elected representatives cunningly would result into letting the drug business lords carry out their business without the interference. At one time, one the richest tycoons of Mexico could fly his own private aero craft direct into other countries from the territory of Mexico. Alluding that there was a collaboration between the drug trafficking businessman and authorities for him to use the aerospace of the Mexican territory. This is just an example of the urn earthed controversies involving the Mexican government and the cartel of drug trafficking.

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Mexico has a responsibility to find her solutions into her problems related to the politics, the illegal drug trafficking and corruption issues without the intrusion of the U.S. firstly the Mexican government should seek ways of making sure that they have a strong and well-funded military. Especially with the not so fast passing of stringent laws, to curb loopholes in selling of guns in America, this will ensure a strong military that is capable to fight the drug cartels.

Secondly, which is more of a political it is drafting or amending the constitution of Mexico to tackle funding of elections and laws concerning corruption. This will ensure that the aspiring candidates seeking political office do not get funded by the cartel to further their interest in return.

Thirdly, the government of Mexico should pass laws that ensure there are exceptionally tough penalties if it is honest to fight the drug war. This will be a fast way in dealing with the menace and most especially the production and logistics of the drugs.

In conclusion, the violence in the southern state continues to affect the populations around the states. For example, the many people killed instill fear among the residents an example of negative effects on the population. It is, therefore, a researcher’s observation that there is the responsibility of both governments namely the U.S and the Mexican to handle the problem head on without hesitation. Intelligence information sharing will be extremely necessary between the two governments especially across the southern border.

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