A Master in Education Essay Sample

A Master in Education

I am applying for a master in education as it is my dream to become a professional teacher. I understand that educating others is a serious responsibility and one should acquire a lot of specific skills to do this well. I believe that the program I am applying for will help me to learn everything what is needed for successful teaching. Both theory and practice are important in working with children and this could be reached only by means of a specialized education. That is why I have chosen this program.

My previous experience (being a teacher of Spanish for four years and a teacher of elementary) helped me to understand that it is not enough just to love children and the subject to educate well. It is also necessary to know how to impart the material. This means that a teacher should be good at methodology and ability to encourage students. To my mind, I do not possess enough knowledge of these issues and believe that the program will fill the gaps in my knowledge. I think that it will be a splendid time for me as I shall learn how to handle complicated situations at class, encourage students to be active learners and prevent inattentiveness or negligence during lessons.

Teaching is an art and one is always in the picture when he is educating others. It is important to study art in order to become a good artist. The same can be told about teaching. I understand that I need a lot of different skills and knowledge to become a professional teacher. This will take time and practice. Moreover, I shall have to refresh my skills and learn more methodology techniques, practically every day. It is easy to do this, if one has a good basis. I have already had some experience and believe that your program will become a perfect stimulus for me to grow professionally during my teaching career.

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