The Difference a Nurse Creates in Others’ Lives Essay Sample

The Difference a Nurse Creates in Others’ Lives

Every human at one point in his or her life or another is in need of some assistance by chance or by fate. For this reason, the ‘helping profession’ emerged in the society to assist the people in maintaining a normal routine in their lives, allowing these helping professionals to reduce the hindrances let it be in terms of health, psychological issues or other personal or family issues. Counselors, doctors, psychologists, social workers, etc. are all referred to as the helping professionals. A big contribution made in the helping profession is by the nurses. A lesser status held though with regard to the doctors, the nurse hold nonetheless an important position in the hospital where they not only assist the doctors in their day to day activities, but also serve in many ways the staff, and the patients, and the people who visit, and on a day to day basis make big differences in their lives.

The job of the nurse starts with her basic duties where she assists the doctors, stand by them during procedures and practice basic medical procedures themselves. Doctors are not available always and promptly and when the patient needs help, it is the nurse who attends the patient and calls the doctor and in the mean time the doctor arrives, she makes sure that the patient is not left unattended and provides basic treatment to ease the pain.

So, saying that being a nurse, my job would be to simply stand by the doctors would be wrong. I’d have to check on the patients every minute of my job and make sure they are attended to when required. I’d have to keep myself up to date with their records so that I can inform the doctor of the progress. In this way I’d be assisting the doctor tremendously, who would only have to check progress through my reports and take prompt decisions for the next treatment.

Other than the medical assistance and the medical reporting, a nurse is a great friend to the doctors, the staff, the patients, and the visitors. The doctors tend to get traumatized and suffer from burnout when they are faced with overload of work and continuous stress. In this condition, they may yell or release their anger and anxiety on to the nurses, who gleefully accept the criticism, as part of their jobs, and allow the doctors to be stress free.

For this reason patience, tolerance and humbleness are the three essential traits of a nurse, which I proudly posses and would make much use of in practice to be a friend to the doctors when they need me to be. Other than the doctors, nurses keep good acquaintances with the staff, such as the peons, the secretaries, the receptionists etc and help them with their problems too. A good nurse is a good listener whose interactions with people around her should be to listen and provide care. Sharing problems and listening compassionately removes half the stress, which is what a nurse does to make a difference.

And of course, the patients are the ones who are in the most need of a friend to help them get by their misery. The patients leave their home, family and friends, and live for sometime in a place which is quite different from the environment they are normally accustomed to. The hospital is not an ideal place to live in. Filled with smells of the medicines, and blood, vomit, and all the nauseating scents along with disturbing sights of people losing their arms, legs, and people dying, it becomes an unbearable sight for the ordinary people who come in especially the patients.

Nurses stay around them to make sure they do not end up losing their mind. Other than the medical procedures, a person’s own self will is important to recover and nurses make sure that the patients get that sort of energy. They sit with them and listen and talk. They try to cheer them up. The patients confide in them and during the short period of time that the patients reside in the hospital, they develop a close tie with the nurses who are always there to support them. Being a nurse, it is crucial to not deviate from being a compassionate friend to a patient, who lays there in isolation from family and friends, and a normal homely environment.

However, easy as it seems to say this, it is quite difficult to practice. Image a patient of Hepatitis B or C, who is a walking spell of death, and who is said to be kept separate from children or healthy people, a nurse has to attend to him twenty four seven. As difficult it is for average people to imagine being near such diseased patient, the nurses manage to do so quite easily without much regard to their own health. Such treatment is what the patient would expect from family at that point and the nurse provides him with nothing less than that.

And as the visitors who come to see their relatives, the horrible sights and sounds, tend to disturb them too, who fear the terrible things that could happen to their loved one. Being a nurse, I would be compassionate with them too and ensure that they have the sufficient confidence regarding the well being of their ward in the hospital and that he is in good hands.

Being a nurse means a symbol of patience, tolerance, care and humbleness. And possessing these traits, with compassion for the people around me, I would surely be able to make a difference in people’s lives once I start practice.

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