Staffing Committee Assignment Essay Sample

Staffing Committee Assignment

Nurse staffing is crucial for the success of any healthcare facility. In Doctors Express-Dallas, the company has organization ensures effective nurse staffing in order to make sure that it has qualified staff for its operation. In this facility, staffing is accomplished by giving most of the nursing opportunities to Allied Health Professionals (Doctors Express. 2010). Allied Health Professionals is an organization that has qualified medical practitioners. Doctors Express may therefore rely on the services of Allied Health Professionals in order to accomplish its nurse staffing. Doctors Express makes sure that the staffs considered for the various job opportunities are qualified for the specific opportunities. In addition, such nurses must also be registered in order to ensure that they have the skills to perform good work. For example, those who want to be considered for X-Ray technicians must have the ability to maintain the e-ray files and ensure that all patients are safe after their treatments (Doctors Express. 2010). The staffing committee has the responsibility of selecting qualified nurses by screening the qualifications of all those willing to be employed as nurses in the organization. This company therefore sets the requirements that help it to employ the most qualified people for the nursing jobs. Staffing requires the staffing committee to communicate with staff nurses in order to ensure that all the relevant information is passed on to the right people. One of the ways through which communication is made between the staffing committee and the staff nurses in Doctors Express is through meetings where face to face communication is done. In addition, written forms of communication are also done where publications and memos are passed to the staff nurses in order to ensure that they have the right information. The staff nurses also have representatives who help in communicating their views to the staffing committee (Doctors Express. 2010).

Nurse staffing is crucial for the provision of good services in any healthcare institution. Health facilities that have poor nurse staffing tend to have increased rates of bad patient outcomes. However, it may not be easy to increase staffing in the health facilities because various requirements must be met in order to achieve this. The factors that contribute to low nurse staffing include the increased acuity of patients who require urgent care from the healthcare facilities (Doctors Express. 2010). Doctors Express recruits registered nurses who are qualified to offer nursing services to its patients. The registered nurses must also show willingness to fill the available positions and this helps to ensure that nurses are not pushed in order to work. The staffing committee in Doctors Express requires making proper decisions and following the right staffing procedures in order to ensure that they get the right staff for the health facility (Doctors Express. 2010). In addition, they are also supposed to adjust their staffing levels and increasing the recruitment of nurses in order to optimize on the quality of healthcare offered to the patients. Health facilities also make use of recruitment agencies in order to help them get the most qualified staff for the available opportunities. However, these health facilities must ensure that the recruitment agencies consulted have the capability of providing them with qualified staff. Moreover, staffing committees must ensure that there is effective communication with the staff nurses in order to ensure that information is passed to the relevant people at the right time. This can be achieved through proper communication channels including both written and oral communication. In addition, communication representatives should be able to pass the relevant information about their groups to the people concerned with their affairs (Doctors Express. 2010). In this connection, healthcare facilities must ensure effective staffing in order to insure quality services.

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