Nursing Roles Essay Sample

Nursing Roles

Nowadays nursing occupies an important role in the medicine. The uniqueness of the vocation is in helping every person, sick or healthy. The main purpose is to help in everything that is contributing to health and its renewal, or coming of the painless death, with what human cannot cope without the assistance. Nurses are not just physician assistants and executors of his orders but representatives of independent profession, who have skills of an integrated, comprehensive care for patients, alleviate suffering, rehabilitation and have expertise in the field of psychology and psychotherapy. Each nurse has to be a good leader, manager, teacher and psychologist. Psychotherapeutic role of nurses is very high, wherever they work. Not by chance, when the Institute of nurses had been created, they were called the sisters of mercy because of care not only for the patient’s body but also for the soul. Preparing the patient for conducting a procedure or activity often requires a lot of nursing strength, skills and knowledge of the patient’s psychology. Also nurse helps the patient and his or her family to adapt psychologically to the situation that has arisen. The importance of the nurse’s daily reports should be emphasized: information about patients, the dynamics of their diseases, changes in the treatment and other types of information are invaluable in the complex treatment, which is provided to the patients in hospitals.

Nursing staff has to follow the rules and moral and ethical standards in relation to the patients without causing harm, and use six principles of care: security, privacy, respect, communication, independence and ensuring safe injections. The nursing priorities are to assist the patient to ensure the harmony of all the needs. The responsibilities of nurses include implementation of doctor's appointments, care for seriously ill patients and appliance of a number of medical procedures, which are sometimes quite complex. The nurse is also involved in examination of the patient, preparation for surgical intervention, monitoring the patient. Such things as sensitivity, emotional support, warmth the patients are needed, mean not less, and sometimes even more than the drugs. The nursing mission is to help specific people, families and groups of people to achieve physical, mental and social health in the environment. The nurse should strive to be professionally competent, independent and professional with all personal characteristics which are necessary for the job. Also the nursing role is demonstrated in nursing inspection of the patient (initial inspection), organization of proper collection of materials for analysis, providing care for the patient (care for the skin, eyes, ears, mouth, taking control over change the bed sheets, organizing correct and timely supply of patients), admission and hospital discharge of patients; monitoring compliance with internal regulations for the sick patient care institutions and compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.

Today the profession of nurses is consistently among the top three most-respected occupations. Nursing is an independent science and independent profession. But all medical professionals, without any exception, should have proper knowledge and skills to care for the patient. In the U. S.A., Canada and Western Europe the clinic nurses not only help the doctors, but also take an active part in the treatment and rehabilitation, prevention and evaluation of patients; they independently work in the emergency rooms, diagnostic rooms, and like a mother takes care of elimination or “smoothing” consequences of diseases. Nursing is a profession of doing everything for the best of an individual, family and community at large. This profession requires awesome responsibility, a lot of time, physical and moral strength. It is hard to overestimate the nursing roles because of its extremely urgent and significant contribution: being among sick patients during the whole day is an example of dedication, humanity and altruism. Nursing cannot exist without ability to empathize people.

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