Nursing Issue Plan and Problem-solving Strategies Essay Sample

Nursing Issue Plan and Problem-solving Strategies


Body substance isolation (BSI) refers to the process of isolating body substances, such as urine, blood and feces among others, of people who are undergoing particular medical treatment. It is in particular to the emergency treatments among people prone to being infected with dangerous infectious diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis. The aim is to reduce chances of infection among medical personnel (Elling, & Elling, 2003). Medical personnel should be protected from such pathogens. Body substance isolation thus focuses on the measures that are taken by health workers, such as nurses, from coming into direct contact with fluids from such individuals with pathogens under investigation. This study focuses on the BSI blood culture communication. Blood culture refers to a test that is used in searching for an infection in the blood.


BSI blood culture brings in a number of stakeholders. The patient is usually eager to get the results. In an environment, such as Miami Children’s Hospital, not only do such pediatricians await results, but also parents do await such outcomes. At the same time, for rare infectious and dangerous infectious diseases, there is a need to inform the medical fraternity of positive diagnoses. The isolation process equally calls for high level of communication among the nurses and other medical personnel involved in the process to cushion them from coming into contact with such potentially infected blood. It calls for high level of communication in the entire process.

Communication strategies

To the first stakeholder, who is the chief doctor, results should be passed to him/her in the specimen sheet indicating the identified pathogens. It would inform such doctors on the treatment that needs to be adopted during the treatment process. The next stakeholder is a parent. If the outcome indicates infection from low harm pathogens, the nurses can easily inform the parent and let him or her understand that the pathogen will be eliminated soon through medications.

On the other hand, the outcome may indicate infection with deadly diseases, such as Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). In such case, nurses should therefore pass the results to the parent via the counseling staff. It would involve passing the outcome to the counseling office and letting the patient get sufficient counseling before the final connection is made to minimize psychological problems that may arise in the parent/care giver when such information is disclosed without proper counseling (Sully, & Dallas, 2005). Such communication would equally be laced with information on coping strategies to minimize the occurrence of psychological problems among the parents and the pediatricians, such as stress, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder among others.

In blood culture, some of the infections under investigation could be new or extremely dangerous. It indicates the need to inform the medical fraternity of the outcome that should be positive. One of the main ways of communicating it is through the use of recognized medical journals with high level of readership. It will significantly enhance sharing of this information among the medical staff. By communicating such information via diverse medical journals, the ability of medical staff in the medical industry to become aware of new infection and start researching on potential solutions would increase tremendously. Similarly, it is necessary to communicate discovery of such profoundly harmful but dangerous pathogens via the medical blogs. It would significantly increase awareness of the pathogen in the medical fraternity as well as provide platforms, from where such medical personnel may share information regarding these pathogens (Lindsey, Gulli, Kramer, American College of Emergency Physicians, & Emergency Care and Safety Institute, 2008). Finally, if the disease is highly contagious and difficult to treat, such as Ebola, there would be the need to relay communication to the respective government agencies dealing with health.

Barriers to communication

There will be a number of barriers in communicating BSI results. One of such barriers is the financial barriers. It would cost a lot to present such communication in various medical journals, as well as communication to the government agencies. It would reduce the rate at which such information would be relayed to the relevant parties. The second barrier to communication is poor listening among producers of such medical journals, bloggers and government agencies. Often, relevant information may be discarded if those required to propagate it do not have enough attention to such communication and thus do not assign such communication adequate importance delaying relaying of such communication. Finally, lack of timely feedback may hinder effective communication of such results (Webb, 2011). For instance, when such journals and government agents do not reply to emails on discovery, it would delay communication.


In this presentation, strategies for effective communication of the outcome of BSI blood culture are the need for all parties. There is a need to communicate the result to the parents and pediatricians in a manner that does not harm them psychologically. Equally, there is a need to communicate such information via medical journals, as well as government agencies, if such pathogens are newly discovered and under investigation.

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