Marijuana and Medicine Essay Sample

Marijuana and Medicine

The use of marijuana in medicine is seen as unethical, I think its a good idea because it will to some extent reduce complication cases to a patient after it has being administered to the commonly used inorganic medicine used with medical practitioners as anesthetics when performing surgical exercises to the patients.

Marijuana use has been banned in most countries in the world, this is because the medical practitioners suggests that it has got a lot of negative effects that takes a long time effects on the Brain, lungs and heart. I accept the use of marijuana as an anesthetic as it’s a natural product that has not undergone industrial processing, therefore the product is an organic natural product and not artificial that will cause complications when administered to the patient (Clark, 2000).

Marijuana should be encouraged during surgery as the substance in Marijuana, known as Tetra Hydro Cannabinol (THC) is a substance that causes minimum or even no side effects to the patients, (Buddy, 2010). This is because this substance has been tested and its feasibility has been seen on the patients, and with the improved ways of administering it on the patient on surgery. This will yield positive results as the medicine will be given to the patient in well devised mechanisms so as to reach the lungs of the patient in a purer form and not contaminated with combustion byproducts, this is either through administering it as capsules or inhalation that is pumped into the lungs directly (Buddy, 2010).

The reason for accepting the use of marijuana as medicine is because it has been termed as a very harmful substance and it has been banned by the government because of the notion that it is an addictive drug with a lot of negative side effects. However, the government actions of making it legal lead to it being misused by the people.

By reading these articles has to some greater extent opened up my mind on the diverse uses of marijuana. I didn’t know that marijuana has been used as medicine in the past, and all that I knew about it is that it is a forbidden product that has got a lot of negative impacts its user. Hence, from reading these articles it has been easy for me to learn on the importance of using marijuana in medicine. The two writers have taken different sides of the use of this product in medicine as Lowry’s (1999) Article was against the use of marijuana in medicine citing recent cases were people misused these substance just from misunderstanding these substance, while Clark’s (2000) Article supported the use of marijuana in medicine but only if its use is regulated by the government.

The two writers had to employ different methods of writing, and that is what they used to gain favor and understanding from the readers, it is difficult for them to be neutral on the subject because they were totally having different views about the use of marijuana in general. The ethical change in my thinking on the issue, which focuses on the use of marijuana in medicine, is as a result of the articles that I have just read. In these articles the authors have stated some reasons that have made me understand that marijuana can also be used in medicine, the authors have highlighted on the possible contribution of the use of marijuana in medicine.

Reading the articles, has made me believe that the use of marijuana in medicine should be legalized and medical practitioners in the world should be given the go ahead to use it as an anesthetic, the use of marijuana in the past was seen as a major social problem in the society with a lot of misconceptions about it being spread to the entire population. As a product that causes a lot of havoc in an individual using it, but with the help of these articles it has become clearer for me to understand that this drug can be administered into the body without causing any form of social problem this is because the product is administered to an individual under-strict checks.

In order for the society to appreciate the product that has been facing lots of critics in the past few years. The society should be well informed on the effect of the product to them this will enable the people within that society to understand on how to use and handle the product. According to me the most important factor considered when making an ethical decision is the effect of the product to the society that an individual lives in. The individual should be in a position to project good behaviors when performing an action.

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