Diet Assessment Essay Sample

Diet Assessment

This paper critically makes an assessment of my diet from the food journal given and using the knowledge learned in human nutrition class. It highlights the goal of the of the diet, comparing the five day eating habit with the recommendations of daily recommended intakes and the discussion and the recommendation possible in that diet. In which it looks at the information as if some one gave the food journal and the recommendations are made to him.

The main objective of my diet is to try to consume particular nutrients for athletic performance, lower the cholesterol in the body hence controlling diseases especially the cardiac diseases. To achieve this objective the consumption of water on a set schedule helps to avoid body dehydration which dramatically decreases the athletic performances. The adequate calories consumed assists in meeting the growth, development needs and intensive training needs. This is attained by designing meals model that fits my day by day set and a plan to eat many times in a day using frequently spaced meals and snacks. The use of “real” foods for nutrients helps to avoid the use of supplements. The adoption of a lifetime eating habits helps to avoid temporal diets which result to temporal results in athletics. The use of complex carbohydrates to provide energy that fuel intensive training and competition. The consumption of a variety of types of food like fruits, whole grains and vegetables provides vitamin and minerals needed (Nestle, 2007).

During pre-game, I eat light carbs and minimum fats and proteins as they have a slow digestion. The abstinence of bulky to a void from being weighed down. Slow eating and well chewing helps to avoid indigestion, the drastic alteration of usual diet routine is not encouraged as the body may need adaptation. After the game beverages and foods rich in carbohydrates are consumed to refill glycogen stores and fluids immediately. The lost potassium in the game or training is replaced by the use of salty foods and vegetables.

In reducing cholesterol in the body, eating less fat foods is important. The fat intake is kept below 20% of daily calories per day (KidsHealth, 2010). By eating foods that contain the right fats especially these containing saturated fats helps to reduce cholesterol. To ensure this I eat sea and plant sourced foods and keeping at a minimum the animal origin foods as the contain saturated fats. Fried foods and red meat should be avoided in cases I can’t avoid them I do use olive oil. The consumption of fruits fruit juices and veggies daily helps in controlling cholesterol, Nessakay (2010). When it is a must for me to use meat then lean meat sandwiches with chicken is the best. Also the use of skimmed milk rather than usual fatty dairy products serves the purpose.

By comparing my average intakes of five day of five days vs. the recommended intakes for five days and comparing it to the DRI of a man aged 23 years, it can be noticed that in the group of cereals there was a consumption of 13 serves while the recommended value is 6-12 serve, 4 serves in the group of vegetables instead of 5 serves, fruits were 0.5 serves instead of 2, 3 serves of milk instead of 2, poultry was 1 serve, and extras were 2 serves. (Recommended daily food intake table fact, 2010)

The types of food consumed include milk 3, vegetables 4, meats 1, fruits 0.5, fats and carbohydrates 13 serves. Comparing this with the food pyramid which has the following ranges carbohydrates 6-11servings, fruits 2-4 servings, proteins including milk and poultry2-3 servings, vegetables are 3-5. Looking at the figures it is observed that they are not too far from what is recommended in the food pyramid Iceberglabs, 2010).

By assessing my intake of vitamins and minerals was short in vitamins A, D, and B12. But met vitamin B6 and C, and exceeded vitamin E. In minerals folate, iron and sodium were, but a shortage occurred in calcium.

The dominant nutrients were carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The fewer dominants were the minerals. The presence of more carbohydrates will increase the energy used during training. While the availability of fats, hinders the goal of reducing cholesterol in the body, hence being susceptible to heart diseases (KidsHealth, 2010). The availability of more proteins helps to replace the worn out tissues during games. The deficiency of minerals like iron may lead to anemia disease.

The amount of nutrients one gets from the list given is enough to maintain health and energy. This is because all the need ingredients of the balance diet namely carbohydrate, proteins and vitamins are available. Though most energy is comes from fats in the diet hence negative impact on the human body. From the list given the moderation of the nutrients is okay as the as the right amount of nutrients are present. The list has a little minerals and vitamins hence an increase in foods like vegetables are needed. Lastly the information contains foods from all the varieties needed for health diet.

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The recommendations include: limiting the intake of simple sugar and energy intake from fats, increase consumption of fruits vegetables and iodized salts while limiting direct heavy metals consumption and avoid the human pathogen contaminated foods.

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