Anorexia and eating disorders Essay Sample

Anorexia and eating disorders

Eating disorder is an issue, affecting most American families and its study has led some people to carrying out studies and researches on the subject. The cases of eating disorders are so prevalent in America to the degree that one or two of every hundred students will grapple with one. Thousands of teens get eating disorders or problems with eating, body image, or weight. Eating disorders are majorly identifiable by extremes in eating behavior. This article is going to examine this issue of eating disorders. This will involve defining an eating disorder, understanding the characteristics, signs and symptoms, types of eating disorders, and their categorization. Eating disorders have four categories including Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge, and other food related disorders.

The paper will focus its discussion on the Anorexia eating disorder, which is the crucial one of the four. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder present in many teens, and it starts with them restricting their diet. The study will also determine the signs and symptoms of Anorexia and its treatment. The major symptoms of Anorexia are weakness, shortness of breath, anxiety, and not wanting to eat in public. We will look at these issues in detail. In the last section, the paper will analyze the medical consequences of Anorexia, how the patients can control and treat the disorder (Silverstein, 2008).

This paper aims at coming up with information on eating disorder and Anorexia. This information will be from different researchers, done by scholars and recorded in secondary sources such as books, and journals; and research data can be from primary or secondary sources. Primary sources of information include first hand information, obtained using interviews, questionnaires, and observation. Secondary information is from books, electronic database, and magazines among other records. In this paper, most or the information was from books, periodicals, and the internet (Collins, 2004).

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