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Literature Review


The workforce is the most crucial asset in any organization since it contributes to the greatest success of companies. Due to different desires and characters of employees, enterprises require strong human resource management departments that consider interests of every worker and make sure that they are satisfied. This management has its strategic nature that makes it follow company values, norms and culture (Bratton & Gold, 2012). With a focused human resource department that incorporates all organization issues, both internal and external, the company achieves great success. There are different journals and authors that describe the strategic nature of human resource management. This paper reviews these scholarly works and gives an insight into the content and issues they address.

General Findings of the Research

Bamberger, Biron, and Meshoulam (2014) highlight the importance of strategic human resource management stating its aim to make sure that the company has the required workforce at any particular time. It also seeks to ensure that these employees work in a conducive environment and get proper treatment from all stakeholders. Human resource departments should be business partners to their respective companies. It means that they offer support and advice to the top management on how to acquire and employ workers economically. According to Bamberger, Biron, and Meshoulam (2014), “Human resource departments should not only rely on the inside affairs of the firm, but also on the outside.” These outside affairs include scanning of the industry and knowing which employees to recruit for a job. Technology is another issue that is within the jurisdiction of the human resource management department. The heads of the latter ensure that workers are fully equipped with the right technological skills that assist the company in achieving its goals and implementing its strategies (Bamberger, Biron, & Meshoulam, 2014). As businesses have their missions and visions, it is the basic role of the human resource department to make sure that the company achieves the targeted vision.

As stated by Purce (2014), “Forward thinking is a strategic nature of the human resource management.” Strategic human resource management departments should have a portfolio of the future prospects of the firm in the industry in general. After analyzing these issues, they should advise the management on what to do and what necessary steps to take. It should know the time needed to hire or fire workers.

Marchington (2015) presents a different perspective of the strategic role of human resource management indicating that departments are profit centers in any organization, and they should all work with the aim of maximizing returns while minimizing costs. As it is the goal of every management to be efficient and effective in its operations, it is the nature of all departments, including a human resource one, to contribute to this goal. The department should be a profit center, and whenever consulted, it should meet requirements of workers in an economical manner. While setting salaries of employees, human resource departments should consider the current state of affairs of the company and its aim to achieve set goals and objectives (Marchington, 2015).

Storey (2014) states that, “Providing a competitive edge and adding value to the enterprise is a goal for each and every department.” These actions include doing the best one can and present organization policies to the outside world. It increases firm’s value and helps it achieve a better public image. For employees to have a positive perspective of the company, they should have proper motivation and retaining strategies that the human resource department should set. Motivation of employees and approval from the top management are important tasks for the human resource department (Bratton & Gold, 2012). Making people satisfied is very hard. Human resource department heads have the mandate to keep all employees satisfied and make sure they always receive the best treatment. These actions help them retain quality and reliable employees.

Synthesis of the Findings

Strategic human resource management may simply mean the management of employees and their motivation with the aim to ensure company’s future success. However, from the research findings above, a strategic action taken by the human resource department is to check how other companies do business and get things well for its workforce. Strategic human recourse management should ensure that employees have the required expertise and the level of knowledge to undertake functions (Bamberger, Biron, & Meshoulam, 2014). The work of advertising company’s policies and strategies to the outside parties does not only belong to marketers. The human resource sector, namely, its staff and managers, has strategic roles in promoting company activities among people. However, its sole role is making sure that employees are always happy and satisfied. It should check for means to motivate them and ensure that they have a good attitude to work while undertaking their duties.


It is evident that no organization can perform without the human resource department. It has different roles ranging from the ones within a company to others directed at the outside environment. These strategic roles aimed to enhance quality and betterment of the organization should take a perfect direction at avoiding mistakes in handling the workforce. The department requires balance to make sure it undertakes its roles with diligence and ensures a smooth flow of events. The latter range from motivating employees, working as cost centers, and marketing to promoting enterprise activities. People assigned to work in the field should have vast experience in the issues mentioned above.

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