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Etihad Airways Report


PR is a fundamental aspect for the success of organizations. It determines the level of customer satisfaction, as well as employee-to-employee, employee to management, and employee-to-customers relations (Al-Ali & Ahmad, 2014). A good PR strategy of Etihad Airways ensures that the organization experiences positive relationships that enhance its productivity. This aspect is of utmost significance in the service industry owing to the nature of operations. Communication is also essential part of public relations since it provides a platform for people to express their views and a means to compromise when faced with a conflict (“Etihad Airways Honored for Excellence in Communications,” 2015). The performance of Etihad Airways is directly proportional to its public relations.


Etihad Airways is the second biggest airline in the UAE. It offers services to clients traveling to any part of the world. The mission of the organization is to provide a refreshing welcoming to their customers, whereby a travel should be safe and secure in a friendly environment where global standards are exercised, be it hospitality or technical features guaranteeing a safe journey to its clients. The vision of Etihad is to reflect the best Arabian hospitality example that incorporates culture, consideration, and generosity, as well as to enhance the prestige of Abu Dhabi as a center of hospitality between the East and the West (Etihad Airways, n.d.b). The company is the major national carrier competing with Emirates.

Public Relations Materials

The primary public relation materials available on the company’s website are news releases of efforts and procedures undertaken by the firm. In addition, there are numerous feature stories on the website. Since 2015, there have been more than thirty public relations materials published by Etihad Airways (Etihad Airways, n.d.a). The company has recently posted “Thanks Steffen for the great photo! Can you guess where he was landing? ” This posting involved a client that had taken a magnificent picture while flying with the airline. It provided information to clients about company’s services, while enhancing the relationship with the pubic. The most important issues in PR materials posted by Etihad Airways include information of its latest projects, activities on the part of the CEO and the president, as well as innovations in flights, communication and quick services (Etihad Airways, n.d.a).

Social Media Accounts

The major social media used by the company are Facebook and Twitter. Currently, Etihad Airways has more than one million fans on its Facebook page (Barnard, 2016). It has received several awards for the best utilization of the social media. The company uses the latter to promote its services, inform of innovations, and receive a feedback. One of the postings of the enterprise provided specifications of one plane and the aspect that people loved about it. The posting indicated that the aircraft had an enormous counter area (Barnard, 2016).

Research Methodology

The PR department of the company was contacted to ask about their PR projects. A sample of twenty respondents was obtained through random sampling. This method allows all respondents an equal and independent chance of being selected, enhancing the validity of the study. Interviews were the primary tool of data collection employed to collect information from the PR department. This method was effective since it offered a quick and simple way for conversing with the respondents in the PR department.

Outcomes of the Conversation

Co-curricular activities of the company include sports and talents days. Employees and the management interact freely during these events. As a result, public relations within the company improve because bureaucracy is discarded. Therefore, there are no hindrances to communication. Employees feel at ease talking to supervisors during work and non-work activities. The outcome of this process is increased productivity.

Leadership development is conducted through training. The organization organizes seminars and workshops where leaders are trained on how to create positive relationships within the company and outside it. For instance, they are taught to handle conflicts within Etihad Airways. It is an important procedure since it affects the productivity of the organization. Moreover, leaders implement various policies that improve the public relations of the company.

Social surveys on the company’s website are aimed at engaging customers in conversations. Etihad Airways uses the social media to interact with clients, who are advised to give a feedback on all aspects of organizational performance. The company also often calls clients to conduct a survey. This move creates a situation where the relationship between the business and customers is favorable.

Media Audit

Alexander Cornwell (2016) from Gulf News, Isaac John (2016) and Haseeb Haider (2016) from Khaleej Times, as well as Shereen el Gazzar (2016) and Lucy Barnard (2016) from The National are major journalists and reporters that write about the company. They cite communication, excellent and quick services, as well as a stable financial situation, as the primary issues. Reporters also focus on its different projects (“Etihad Airways and Taste Festivals Announce Global Partnership,” 2016). Communication is amongst the major concerns of Etihad Airways (“Etihad Airways Honored for Excellence in Communications,” 2015). A good communication scheme ensures that employees can provide a feedback to the management and the latter obtains meaningful insight from the former that helps in restructuring the services rendered (Haider, 2015). Furthermore, the communication between employees and customers is important since it impacts customer satisfaction (Cornwell, 2016). Etihad Airways can reap benefits by employing schemes that ensure efficient communication. The latter helps prevent mistakes that are costly and lower profits of the company (Balakrishnan, 2016).

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Quick services were also identified as an essential requisite for numerous customers (John, 2016). The majority of them prefer a speedy service to be able to proceed with their individual errands (“Etihad Airways Collects Leading Finance Reward,” 2016). For instance, a considerable number of clients utilizing the services of Etihad Airways are often on business (Haider, 2016). Therefore, they require a quick check in procedures to get on their flights (“Etihad Employs over 3,000 Emiratis, 2016). It means that employees should perform their tasks quickly for clients to be able to get in or out of planes as this would also improve the security (Gazzar, 2016)


The company should intensify PR efforts because this method will improve its internal and external relationships. As a result, the productivity of the organization will be enhanced. The frequency of these efforts should be regular to ensure that Etihad Airways uses the latest practices. The company should also conduct employee training. Employees will be taught on communication skills that will improve public relations and help prevent conflicts within the organization. The adoption of such recommendations will ensure that the company maintains a competitive edge in the region due to quality services and improved customer satisfaction.


The coverage by the media is different from the one by the organization since it offers a critical review that provides both the pros and cons of using certain services of Etihad Airways. Whereas the coverage by the organization focuses on achievements, the one by the media presents a review. Therefore, the information from the reporters can help the company improve its services and does not rely on a one-sided approach to public relations.

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