A Christmas Carol: Handicaps Revealed Essay Sample

A Christmas Carol: Handicaps Revealed

“A Christmas Carol” is a novella with a deep sense that was written by the English author Charles Dickens. This literary work shows destinies of two different individuals and their attitude to what happens to them. On one hand, there is Tiny Tim, who has some health problems. Moreover, his family is very poor. As a result, this family is perceived as the needy one. Nevertheless, this household is rather happy. On the other hand, there is Ebenezer Scrooge, who is healthy and has much money. Therefore, one can say that this man is very successful. However, even in spite of his wealth, he is unhappy. The plot of the novel reveals that Tiny Tim shows his positive and modest attitude to life despite the problems with his health. He is still able to make his family happy, even though he suffers from pain. The reader perceives that Tim understands that his parents cannot afford the best doctors to heal him, which is the cause of his anger. Taking all the above mentioned information into consideration, one can realize that it is a rather controversial issue to decide who of two characters - Tim and his family or Scrooge – is more handicapped in this story.

Reading the story carefully, it is easy to see that Scrooge is grabbed by his money. In fact, money is everything that he has in life. Ebenezer does not communicate with anyone. He does not have anyone to share his feelings, emotions and thoughts with. This character is cold, impassionate, indifferent, and extremely far from anything that is supposed to grab a person’s attention and feelings. Everything that he has is his money, which is as cold as he is. In addition, Scrooge even was ready to prefer this powerful and cold metal to a gentle, charming and loving woman, who could make his days full of sense and warmth. Indeed, one can say that Ebenezer Scrooge does not live, he simply exists. It might be said that such people are dead inside, even though they still walk and even sometimes laugh (Cook, 109). Such statement concerns people, who do not have any values in life, any moments or situations that can make them happy or cheerful. The readers see that Scrooge does not have any goals: he does not want a fiancée, warm evenings with friends, pleasant surprises and small gifts on holidays. In other words, everything he longs for is his money and savings.

In contrast to Ebenezer, there is the character of Tiny Tim Cratchit. Even though this boy is ill, he still has strength to be cheerful and happy. Tiny Tim has a lot of values and beliefs that help him to move along. This boy is very kind, generous and light, which is revealed by his thoughts and actions. His childish approach to overcoming difficulties, ability to believe in miracles and hope for better make his family believe that everything will improve. One can state that this little boy lives in harmony with himself, his family and the entire world. Moreover, he allows his family to live in harmony as well.

Consequently, it can be stated that Ebenezer Scrooge has a greater handicap in Charles Dickens’ novella than Tiny Tim. The reason is that, in fact, real happiness cannot be measured by money or any other good. Moreover, even though it sounds strange, but real happiness cannot even be measured by the quantity of friends and happy moments. Real happiness can be measured only by the person’s inner feelings. In other words, no matter how many challenges and difficulties there are in a person’s life, if he or she feels happy, then he/she obviously is. In Dickens’ story, the readers can see that Tiny Tim Cratchit is really happy, while Ebenezer Scrooge is a miserable man, who has everything that he wants in life, but is still extremely unhappy. Besides, the fact that Ebenezer Scrooge is a very unhappy man is not simply a subjective opinion of the readers. The author of this story explicitly shows this fact by enhancing Ebenezer’s metamorphoses into the plot. One can see that, by the end of the novella, Scrooge becomes a better person and starts valuing proper things in life.

To conclude the analysis of two characters of the English writer’s novella based on the story called “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens and the film “A Christmas Carol”, one can state that Charles Dickens managed to transfer his main message to the readers through this story. Depicting two different individuals with diverse world views, approaches to coping challenges and difficulties, ways of living, values, beliefs, etc., he showed the readers what is right, what is wrong, and why. In addition, the author explained to his readers what real happiness is and how it can be reached by simply presenting two different destinies. In addition, Dickens demonstrated that if a person is not happy for any reason, he or she must change something in order to reach the desired happiness and become a better person. Based on the comparing and contrasting approach, this novella reveal the real side of human being in a perfect way. It is understandable not only for those who can simply read between the lines, but also for those ones who read books skin-deep.

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