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There are a lot of people who have become more mercantile and economically minded in the conditions of modern global economic and financial crisis. In fact, economics is a science, which studies how people are trying to satisfy unlimited humans’ needs using the limited amount of resources. People are gradually losing their values, ideals, and morality in the process of economic development. That is why, it is very important to discuss how the economy, international trade, and money affect peoples' values, ideals, and morality since it is impossible to live without morality. As it is known, morality is a system of values, norms, principles, views, which regulate human behavior in society.

As it has been previously mentioned, economics is a science that studies how humans use limited resources for satisfying their unlimited needs. In fact, people should have economic thinking in order to survive in the modern conditions. However, many individuals have become too economical, and their values, ideals, and morality are degrading. Economy stimulates people to try the possible ways of earning money as without money a man is not able to feed his/her family. Though, many people try to make money through illegal methods. They hide their income, sell drugs, weapons, and even their own organs, prostitute, and do a lot of other very immoral things. It is very sad that the market economy causes such effects. People often use illegal forms of earning money since they do not have other ability to feed their families. It is a very big paradox of the market economy as this model of economic organization allows everyone to become rich and famous, using his/her own abilities and talents. On the other hand, this model of economy stimulates loss of morality in people who are not able to earn enough money.

Scott Carney, a famous journalist, who researched The Red Market: On the Trail of the World’s Organ Brokers, Bone Thieves, Blood Farmers, and Child Traffickers, came to the conclusion: “The book sheds light on the little-known and sometimes macabre trade in human body parts — from an Indian village where most of the impoverished residents have sold their kidneys, to body snatchers who steal bones from graves for use in medical schools and labs” (Carney). That is why, there are a lot of economic difficulties, which can lead to the degradation of human morality, ideals, and values since the economy and international trade encourages that. Modern conditions force people to make a difficult choice between illegal activities and cadge as many of them live under the poverty line. Therefore, most people are choosing to live better by selling their morality, ideals, and values. The main reason for this situation is that the market economy stimulates competition and efficiency, but such its well-known indicator as profit provokes loss morality since many people begin to run for profit forgetting moral principles and ideals.

To conclude, the modern economic system and international trade stimulate the development of science and technique, but they also encourage the degradation of people’s values, ideals, and morality. As a result, there are two options: people can change the current economic system or they can adapt to this system and try to keep their morality and values. Change of the current market economy is practically an impossible task. Thus, people should try to keep their morality in the existing conditions. Only keeping their morality, people will be able to develop a whole range of life’s aspects.

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