Good and evil Essay Sample

Good and evil

Evil is the violation or going against what is morally right. On the other hand good consists of that which is believed to be morally right. This difference is evident in the various activities conducted by people who are considered to be good and those who are considered to be good and another is considered to be evil. For instance a freedom fighter is considered by many to be a good person while on the other hand a terrorist is considered by many to be an evil person not withstanding the fact that the conditions that lead to the two are essentially the same. Where as freedom fighter rises due to oppression and fights against oppression and libration by confronting the oppressors a terrorist conducts terrorist activities against incent people murdering them and injuring then as a way of reaching out to the perceived oppressor. However, it is both the freedom fighter and terrorist have sympathizers and supporters. This seams to be in accordance with the statement "one mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorists." (Bolt, 2001).

Certain factors however turn people turn into terrorists (Borum, 2000). Terrorists are possessed by greed and envy that makes them very destructive. As such greed is a product of the need to posses what another person has. Vandalism and arson are a good example of effects of greed (Hudson, 1999). As such terrorist can be considered not to be only satisfied with liberating people but are also interested in terrorizing people and killing a good number of them in order to get attention from the oppressors and other people. This generally makes terrorism self-destructive and totally different from freedom fighting (Bolt, 2001).

Freedom fighter may engage armies in wars but do not fight and kill the innocent people thus in a way is perceived to be fighting for the people. Certainly, various socio-psychological factors are responsible for the rise of such distorted ideas concerning freedom fighting. Culture, environment, and economical factors all have a role to play in the development of terrorism. Oppressive childhood and mental disorders can also contribute to this development of terrorist ideologies (Zimbardo, 2004).

Certainly, a freedom fighter is totally different from a terrorist in that one is committed to performing that which will facilitate achievement of great benefits to every one through liberation. oppression seem to lead to all of them but various factors lead to the distorted acction of the terrorists.

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