Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice Essay Sample

Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice

Ethical issues related to criminal justice have been emphasized on both historical and philosophical levels. Law enforcers and public servants are required to uphold high code of conduct. They are required to remain faithful to the state and do what is required of them.

A published report released to the media by a Juvenile Court Judge indicated that the police had liaised with the complainants to fake evidence. The police had put two charges on the accused. The charges were robbery with violence and drug trafficking. The judge described the case as unusual because the evidence before him was not satisfactory. The report said that the police and the complainants had come up with their own evidence and witnesses as well to make their case strong. The judge’s conclusion remarks indicated that law enforcers had a mandatory duty to serve and protect innocent citizens (Roberts, 2006). Corruption, brutality and planting of evidence on suspects should come to an end.

The accused person was strong enough to defend himself despite being a minor. It is worrying to see modern law enforcers protect criminals and detain innocent people. This report should not be taken lightly as it shows that law enforcers have minimal knowledge in matters concerning the law. Appropriate measures should be taken in order to minimize irregularities concerning the collection of evidence by investigators. Law should be a compulsory subject in all police and military training institutions. The officers with any wrong doing should be dismissed from their jobs and appear before disciplinary committees of their institutions (Meier & Geis, 2006).

Ethical issues in criminal justice are very important as they ensure smooth enforcement of the law. Citizens feel safe when the law enforcers avoid any unethical behavior. Each and every citizen are required to have the acceptable code of conduct at all times.

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