Ethical Egoism Essay Sample

Ethical Egoism

Ethics is one of the basic and integral branches of philosophy, which has the prospective to solicit to address questions about morality. Ethics is a discipline of philosophy that attempts to apply ethical theory to real-life situations. Everything has some kind of ethics associated with it such as the bioethics and business ethics. We are in the era where the stance of ethics is quite indispensable. The main prospective of this study is not to jot down our conceptual thinking over the term Ethics, but we are here to define some theories pertains to Ethical Egoism and psychological egoism. We have not just included the introduction to these theories, but we have also included the arguments associated with the stance of these ethics. In my view, it's better to elaborate regarding the two terms first “Ethical Egoism” and “psychological egoism” and then shift our gears towards the main prospective of this paper.

Ethical Egoism:

The most common definition of Ethical Egoism is that,

“The way to act according to the authoritarian doctrine for their own self-interest is called Ethical Egoism”

(Baier, Kurt 1990)

Ethical egoism, sometimes referred as simply egoism is the normative ethical position that moral agents ought to do (Batson, C.D. & L. Shaw 1991). What is in their own self-interest? More precisely it can be said that, a person who has such kind of egoism in him, and then he becomes proud and thinks himself the master of everything. The theory of right and wrong that elaborates that every single person always wants to maximize his/her long-term personal good and goals rather than see over the matters of others. Inevitably, there are some bad and good points are associated with this theory of Ethical Egoism, which are mention below.

Strong Version of Egoism:

  • The egoism increases the can do approach in a person.
  • The egoism will certainly helps to boost up the moral and confidence in a person.
  • It certainly increases the credibility and responsibility stance of a person.

Weak Version of Ethical Egoism:

  1. It increases the dilemma of self-love.
  2. Critics on the Ethical Egoism said that, if the entire voluntary human demeanor is self-love, then such humans’ are incapable of consider any other person in their regimes.
  3. Ethical egoism is said to be true, if the human beings always act in their own interests.
  • If people have pursued the ethical egoism, they would normally misinterpret the doctrines and act insensitively or materialistically.

Psychological egoism

This is a natural phenomenon that, every single person always gets motivated, if he/she is content from inner, or more precisely it can be said that, if their self interests are duly fulfilled. The same statement is a sheer idea of Psychological egoism. The predicaments of either Ethical or Psychological Egoism are almost same, which calibrated that person’s actions are always aimed at accomplishing enjoyment for him/her.

Positive Aspects of Psychological egoism

  • Human beings always obtain contentment when they satisfy their desires due to the natural phenomenon they have regarding the completion of his wants/needs.
  • The egoism will certainly helps to boost up the moral and confidence in a person.
  • The egoism will certainly content the appetite of a person plausibly.

Negative Aspects of Psychological egoism

The most prominent negative aspect of Psychological egoism is that it increases some sort of jealousy, envy and greed in a person. Professional jealousy is somewhat acceptable, but we sometimes deliberately act in an unethical manner, because due to proudness, we often break our fiduciary relations.   

Fallacy of Theory:

Not all the time this theory is plausible and applicable because we can not recognize the perception of a person on a particular thing. By considering the same it can be said that the theory is a real fail because we can not judge and recognize the motivation of any person.

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