Sex Education in Our Schools Essay Sample

Sex Education in Our Schools

Nowadays, when people succeed in developing technology and science, such issues as sex education remain complicated and unsolved. There are both the ones who support the idea of providing children with sex education in schools and the ones who reject it. This work is aimed to prove that sex education in schools is necessary and must be mandatory implemented as soon as possible.

First, it is worth formulating what ‘sex education’ means. Sex education involves teaching children the basics of medicine, physiology, psychology, and ethics. It aims to increase the students’ awareness of one of the most important spheres of human life – sexual relationships. The individual interacts with the representatives of an opposite gender the entire life and these interactions become more significant at the age of fourteen and further. During this period, children realize their sexuality and start to pose themselves as the members of sexual relations. It is crucial to provide them with information, which will be useful and helpful for them. If people have some theoretical knowledge about certain processes or events, they are less likely to experience failures and make mistakes. Therefore, sex education helps children to choose right behavior and understand the actions of surrounding people.

Next, it is necessary to analyze modern culture and society in order to justify the significance of sex education. The Age of Enlightenment and the centuries of scientific progress have relieved the culture from religious oppression. The sociologists found that contemporary people are less influenced by religious dogmas than before. The researchers of modern culture witness the processes of secularization. Secularization means the decrease of church’s as a social institution impact on public life and culture. Therefore, some earlier forbidden problems including sexuality, feminism, and homosexuality are being actively discussed now. People from every corner of the globe are ready to get education and improve their intelligence. Liberalization of public life and the ideals of equality, freedom, and independence have transformed the modern individual. In the universities, students study various courses connected with the issues of sexuality and gender. It did not cause any complications, but increased the students’ self-awareness and broadened their outlook. The society is ready for new information and interpretations; therefore, it is worth teaching sex education in schools in order to satisfy the needs of the society.

As the children will face some difficulties in participating in sexual relations independently from the availability of this course in school, it would be better for them to be prepared for the difficulties. The ones, who have the course sex education in school, will be prepared for taking and perceiving similar courses in the universities. Understanding of some aspects of sex relations will make the period of constructing interactions much easier. Thus, sex education course can only promote to students’ intellectual and moral development.

Many benefits of sex education may be applied in daily life. This course involves informing about various diseases and their prevention. It is common knowledge that a number of diseases are caught through sex communication. If people were aware of these diseases, many deaths could be prevented. For example, hepatitis C and AIDS are extremely dangerous illnesses that make the ill people change their lifestyle and fight for living. Hence, sex education gives people awareness of safety tips and prevents many life-threaten diseases.

People, who were not taught sex education at schools, have cognized some aspects of sex relationship on their own experience. They were ‘taught’ by false stereotypes and incorrect examples. Therefore, their own rules and principles of sexual behavior are based on false information. It makes both their lives and the lives of their lovers more complicated. Teaching the course of sex education provides the students with correct and evidence-based information, which is supposed to help them during decision-making. If their deeds are made with consideration of the facts, the consequences of the actions are unlikely to be unexpected and shocking for the students. Therefore, sex education should be implemented in order to give the students evidence-based and true information that will be useful in decision-making.

Some people confirm that sex education should be implemented, but disagree with mandatory form. Due to some religious beliefs of the students and their parents, sex education may provoke a number of conflicts. However, it is worth realizing that some religious beliefs are based on wrong information and false values. Therefore, the schools should insist on all the students’ participation in sex education course. In addition, in order to avoid misunderstanding with the parents, they also may be involved in this course. After the parents ensure that the course does not contain immoral propaganda, they are likely to let their children attend sex education course.

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It may be concluded that mandatory sex education is worth implementing in schools. This course gives many benefits for the students and their families. Sex education course helps to be aware of some processes and facts that may be implemented in daily life and promote to the increase of intelligence, health, and consciousness among the students.

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