Riordan Manufacturing Sustainability Practices Essay Sample

Riordan Manufacturing Sustainability Practices

Riordan is a manufacturing company that deals with harmful contents that can cause numerous kinds of pollution i.e. from air to water pollution; due to the type of product the company handles. If the company does not carefully handle the hazardous content well, then it will result in the decrease of the sustainability of the company. The following are some of the technology, strategies, and practices the company can exercise to increase the sustainability.

Riordan Manufacturing should practice the safe dumping of waste materials by neutralizing the agents used to create certain products. By practicing safe techniques of handling, harmful material increases the sustainability of the company since the consumers will start regarding the company as being considerate and responsible. There may be costs of doing so but the benefits will of implementing the safe practices will be fruitful in that most consumers will consider using their products. Another way is to avoid the use of less harmful materials, which are eco friendly and consists of materials that are more organic than the materials, which have chemicals that are good in both air and water pollution.

Energy saving is another way of increasing sustainability of the company; what happens is there is creation of less waste; which in return will save the amount of material and money used to create a product and in the end; the amount of resources used will be less. This method is most effective in that the company benefits because of the savings it makes and the environment remains unharmed. By implementing, the actions stated above and by following the government rules and regulations influences trust and builds relationships among the community and creates efficient business in which sustainability increases as well as the company becomes a role model to other businesses like Riordan Manufacturing Company.

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