Reflection Paper on Linguistics Essay Sample

Reflection Paper on Linguistics

It is not easy to move across different cultures in the world, due to the difficulty in adaptation to the differences in food and cultural believes of one society to another. There are long-term effects that can result due to the failures of adjusting to the new cultures, which could ultimately lead to disorientation and build up of stress to breaking point. Currently people live in a multicultural environment, with differences in ethnicities and religious communities. The differences in the culture between communities living together have proven to be important in enriching different global cultures. This merging of new cultures has played a viable role in bringing of new ideas and energy to the imminent cultures. Xenophobia, a dislike for people from other countries perceived to be strange or foreign. This arises from irrationality, and it manifests itself in many ways involving the relations and perceptions of different groups of people.

The only way to fight racism is to accept diversity and support young people to feel welcomed and that their cultural backgrounds appreciated. This could be achieved through the promotion of multiculturalism and diversity through the promotion of sensitivity, acceptance, tolerance and equality .There are several ways through which an individual can gain xenophobia for example bad emotional experience, classical conditioning and also the imitation of the societal norms. Racism has negative consequences to the students and the parents facing racism. This is because it directly affects their mental health, academic and their social outcome in the society.

Discrimination stress is associated with the result of depression in an individual. Therefore, understanding the cultural differences and ways of thinking between communities can aid in the development of a stronger and reliable interactions. The advent of globalization has played major role in uniting different countries and states. The perception of people from different societies can have detrimental effects and these effects can be harmful to the daily developments.

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