Reflection on Podcasting Essay Sample

Reflection on Podcasting


I have listened to the three podcasts. One is presented by Sir Ken Robinson who targets the educators in it. This presentation is made through TEDTalk in CarolinaCalifornia in 2006. His main focus was on creativity as far as the learner’s were concerned. In Sir Robinson’s words, creativity is as significant as literacy and should be given the same emphasis. Unfortunately, the current education system continues to place more emphasis on literacy as compared to creativity. He further gives several anecdotes relating to cases where people can give reference to creativity.

The other podcast was presented by the second graders through Radio WillowWeb. This podcast was hosted by Lesley and it included other thirty three students who presented three interesting facts of each of the thirty three states presented.  

The third podcast was presented by the fifth graders in New Jersey through bcpodclassroom. These students belong to Mr. Ferrari’s class. This podcast can be found at Here, the two students give various interesting facts in a debate-like manner which proves that one is better than the other. In this scenario, the debate is between sharks and panthers.

Listening to these three podcasts was an important learning activity for me because they enabled me to perceive technology in education from a different perspective. Through these podcasts, the learning process not only became informative, but it also became interesting. The learners and those teaching seemed to enjoy the podcasting. For example, Sir Robinson made his presentation in an entertaining manner. Through the laughs of the audience, there was some liveliness, thus bringing a comic and learning aspect to the learning process. In the second podcast, the thirty three students presented the various facts in diverse ways. While some started with something familiar posed in a question-like manner, others started with the unfamiliar. For example, there were those who started by asking the listeners whether they liked certain things such as physical features or food, while others started by presenting their names. In the debate, the two students arguing about sharks and panthers watered down each others’ facts in order to make their own look stronger.

So What

This was an important learning activity for me because it enabled me to learn various ways of making the learning process both interesting and informative. In this era where technology is incorporated in the classroom in more ways than few, the teacher should be able to learn how to strike a balance between the two aspects. Many educators have been spreading the need and importance of creativity in the recent years. This is because the employers are emphasizing on the presence of the same as part of their employees’ abilities. In order to avoid making this another presentation, Sir Richard brought in the entertainment aspect of the presentation thus enabling the audience to see his point of view. This is one thing learnt on my part in accordance to NETS_T standard one. Through this podcast, one can “facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity”. Similarly, I learnt how facts relating to a given issue can be presented interestingly with the use of technology as identified through podcasts two and three. This was a part well identified as presented by NETS_T standard two relating to “design and develop digital learning experiences and assessments”.

Now What

I have had trouble presenting facts and other issues that are otherwise considered obvious in an interesting manner without compromising the informative aspect of it. These podcasts have enabled me to solve this problem. I will now improvise my creativity through the provided technology in order to make the learning process more interesting and informative. All these podcasts made me fulfill NETS_T standard three relating to “model digital work and learning”.     

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