Human Life Essay Sample

Human Life

The purpose of human life is a philosophical question that centers on the relevance of life and its existence in general. The importance of this question coincides with the ability to achieve a sense of oneness, know reality or perceive a sense of sacredness (Baggini, 2004). This begs the question, what is life and what purpose does human life has that is not experienced by a cow or insect?

There is no doubt that human beings exist. Since, they have the ability to manifest themselves to one another. They also have mass and looks, which are quantifiable and viewable. Life is the feeling of being in existence (Baggini, 2004). Definitely there must be a purpose to human life.

Unlike animals or insects, human beings live to achieve certain interests. For instance, a student aspires to achieve specific goals such as a good career and life. This is in line with the aim of minimizing pain while maximizing pleasure. The ability to sense what endangers their existence as a bad emotion and perceive pain enables them to replicate. This explains why societies label certain behaviors as acceptable and others as unacceptable. Society excludes people seen as threatening peace to allow others to enjoy life. On the contrary, insects or cows do not have specific goals. No one can claim that cows or insects have a purpose in life since they are just in existence without any notable mission. Similarly, animals or insects lack a structured approach to life the way humans do. For instance, whereas humans plan about their security, cows and insects do not have such structured plans.

The process of evolution underscores the principle of survival of the fittest. It is only human beings that use their rational minds to position themselves with a view to securing their lives (Baggini, 2004). This adds more purpose to their life as compared to other animals. Moreover, human beings have the unmatched ability to manipulate their environment to suit changing circumstances.

Another dimension to humanity is about worship. There exist supernatural beings in human life that enhance protection, respond to prayers among other issues. A more complicated aspect that proves the purpose of human life is that human life is characterized by factual knowledge that helps in understanding the environment. Furthermore, human beings are able to face events in life, because of their knowledge of reality. They possess the ability to know how things are in reality as opposed to how things appear. This is a critical aspect that distinguishes their purpose in life from that of other animals.

My purpose in life is to achieve academic excellence in order to participate in societal development. Based on this evidence, it is concluded that human life is purposeful as opposed to that of insects or cows.

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