Course Reflection Essay Sample

Course Reflection

In regards to the business area, I have learnt much in the course. As it became apparent, the environmental dynamics demand that business leaders or managers enhance their learning capacities so that they are able to take their entities to greater levels. Specifically, businesses operate in a competitive environment. Hence, sleeping on the job is likely to prove costly.

The main aspect that comes out is the role of business managers or leaders in regards to the running of businesses. In particular, the leaders are expected to improve their communication skills so that they are able to control each activity that takes place. In particular, being an effective communicator is critical in the pursuit of business goals. For instance, an effective communicator is crucial in resolving conflicts.

Another aspect to be considered was the role of small businesses in the United States economy. It became apparent that these entities are instrumental as they make significant contributions to the economy. Similarly, the role of entrepreneurship comes out as being integral in economic progress. As the case of Richard Branson depicted, entrepreneurs play a critical role in development.

Group discussions proved very helpful in the pursuit of knowledge in the subject. Participation in group discussions offers an ample opportunity to learning. Group discussions support the sharing of information which is learned. They also facilitate the reinforcing of information already held. In addition, group discussions are helpful in bringing out clarity on some topics. In brief, participating in group discussions has improved my understanding of various topics in the unit greatly. Another approach that yielded valuable information is by reviewing literature on the various topics. On the evidence of what was tackled, I am confident that I understood all aspects with unerring ease. Hence, I do not require further clarification on any aspect.

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