Community Reflective Paper Essay Sample

Community Reflective Paper

Services offered in a church enabled all attendants to have some useful information on health improvement. In the case of blood pressure management, checkup monitors were a crucial measure while diagnosing all serious problems linked to the condition (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2004). This checkup provided the community members with information on their blood pressure status, which aim was to notify about dangers related to it. Some of these disorders included heart diseases such as a stroke that can result from high blood pressure which is called hypertension. Moreover, the checkups were also a convenient option for those individuals who received directions from their medical experts to check on their blood pressure regularly. Some advice provided by service was a diet observation and doing exercises to control blood pressure level (Leininger, 1988). Most people do not undergo these checkups, although they are of great importance. Therefore, a teaching session took place to teach the members of the society that these checkups have beneficial effects.

The other beneficial nursing services offered a mammogram screening. This X- ray examination was conducted on women breast that did not show any symptoms of a disease. The goal of this procedure was to find cancer on its early stages when a woman felt that something was wrong. These screenings had a significant impact on the women’s prospect of effective treatment. In the process of screening, two X-ray photos were taken in order to see as many breast tissues as possible. These procedures lasted for only 20 minutes; relevant pieces of advice were given to the women on how to live a healthy life.

Concerning blood sugar test, there were recommendations of a self-test. The clinics in the church were provided for those who came in the church for a free checkup and were advised on how to undergo this process. The aim was to show them that self-sugar test was a crucial procedure in the management as well as treatment of long-term complications from diabetes (Clark, 1984). The blood sugar tests were performed with a portable electronic device that measured the blood sugar level with a small drop of blood. The self-blood glucose monitoring process and the nursing services provided guidance for the public on the benefits of managing and having blood sugar test. The community received crucial information on how they were able to monitor it, and as a result, reach overall treatment goals. Information and pieces of advice on how diet and exercises affect the blood sugar in patients’ body was the key theme of the whole nursing event. The community was also shown how to detect when their blood sugar was extremely high or low.

Cholesterol checkups were done in the church where the free screenings took place. The aim was to convince the community of the importance of undertaking such tests and showing them the importance of reduced cholesterol level in the body (Archer & Fleshman, 1995). The community members received training and some advice on taking exercises going on a diet as one positive way of reducing and maintaining the right level of cholesterol in their body. Good guidance was the highlight of these services when treating the community members with delicacy as well as dignity. Every member of the community had an equal chance to access these services with an aim of having procedures that indicate the health condition. The process did not take much time, but the nursing experience was of great importance to the nurses and all other participants.

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