Brief Reflection Essay Sample

Brief Reflection

This paper gives a brief reflection of tracking as one of the major strategies in the dispensation of educational curriculum. By definition, it refers to the categorization of learners into classes depending on their ability. This can be determined by gauging their performance on their past records, performance on standard tests and future predictions on their possible academic achievements. As a student, I would like to say that I was one of the major beneficiaries of this strategy. It was adopted by teachers while I was in my elementary and secondary school. We were grouped into streams in which we would progressively transform to higher levels after successful completion of the preceding classes.

It was done in a fulfillment of the national curriculum which directs that a formal education system must be systematically conducted. It is only through its effective implementation that education can serve its purpose of equipping the learners with the required content. Tracking enabled me to study in a very conducive environment. As a slow student, I managed to cope with the rest of the class because I would get other students who would challenge me. At the same time, we would engage in discussions through which we would share our ideas. As a result, I improved my performance to be one of the best pupils in my class. I tracking was so motivating.

I would like to agree that tracking should be implemented as part of the curriculum. It can help in improving the quality of teaching and learning process. However, it is better for teachers to carry out an extensive research to understand the background, qualities, interests and the ability of their learners. This is the only way through which they can understand their learners before categorizing them into appropriate classes in which they should belong. This is the only way through which the teaching and learning objectives can be accomplished.

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