Anthropology Essay Sample


Anthropology seeks to make us understand human past and the present as well as helps understand social culture as well as living together. It helps us understand how people from different cultures coexist despite their differences. An excellent example is Mexico which has people from various cultures like Americans and Europeans who came to the country centuries ago and coexist with the natives.

The paper seeks to examine the practices and patterns that people from different cultures tend to practice; this enables people to understand how the different cultures affect a group of people living together. Anthropology always seeks to understand the way in which people govern their states as well as understand the various sociopolitical aspects of government.

Anthropology of anthropologies, therefore, seeks to understand the similarities as well as differences within and among societies in a particular country. It draws attention to sexuality, gender, race, class, and nationality among other aspects of a culture.

It also seeks to analyse past archeological studies of the ancient people as well as their history so as to understand what exactly is culture and origin of a group of people. This is achieved through the study of remains and artifacts of the ancient history and other structures that explain the way of life of the ancient people.

Through this study, we are also able to understand linguistics; this is the language spoken by a group f people commonly from the same sociocultural background. The language that each group speaks helps them understand issues such as inequality, governing powers, cultures, societies, and other knowledge systems. According to Moctezuma (2001), anthropology in Mexico is based on a very vivid, sociocultural reality that exists today. Anthropology, therefore, as a study helps people to understand their origin and culture of where they live.

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