Products Not Easy To Sell Essay Sample

Products Not Easy To Sell


The essay critically evaluates issues facing those companies and organizations that must market their products and services which are deemed not “easy to sell”. The paper also seeks to bring to light what impacts the exchange relationship between the customer and the seller when the former doesn’t want to be a customer. Finally the essay also proposes ways or approaches that such companies can use or adopt to have an effective relationship with their clients.

According to Levitt, (2005) each and every organization strive grow, expands and at the same time cuts itself an edge in this competitive world of business. A number of organizations and businesses despite the quest of growth, development and expansion are at the verge of collapse, stunted growth, Levitt attributes this not due to market saturation but due to failure of proper management.

It has been noted with concern that there are products and services that are deemed to be “difficult to sell” for instance funeral services and products, diabetic equipment, insurance cover especially to the low income earners in the developing countries among others. In most cases, the customers do not want to be customers; this is coined on various issues ranging from culture, behavior, moral to mention a few. These factors usually interfere with the relationship between customers and the sellers/organizations offering such products and services (Smallwood, 2003).

Therefore, for any organization to survive gallantly and acquire organizational effectiveness that will in turn appeal to the potential customers, there are various approaches they need to adopt or else they will continue to face the difficulties in selling their products and services thought to be not easy to sell. What is central is to adopt an approach that is believed to be customer-creating and customer satisfying culture.

Issues facing companies dealing with Products not Easy to Sell

Mullins Et al., (2010) established that he main issues facing such companies can be attributed to cultural and moral barriers, administrative handles as well as financial barriers. All these play in either isolation or combination to lower market penetration rates of the said products and services.

Moral and cultural barriers especially in African nations, Asian and some European countries do not foster a positive association with death, sickness and the likes. For this reason, they will tend to keep off from things closely linked to death such as funeral services and product least hearing anything to do with death.

Financial barriers or constrain both from customers as well as the companies perspective also is an issue that affect businesses that market products and services believed not to be easy to sell. For instance, it has been noted that most families will rather spent there money in other products and services t6han in those deemed to be difficult to sell. They will only sort such products when compelled by circumstances. Generally, the overall issue that surrounds products not easy to sell is poor market reception; this is because human beings have been thought to instinctively disassociate themselves with negative things in their lives.  

Approaches to effect customer-organization relationship

Advertisement; due to technological innovations, such organization/companies need to make use of it in popularizing there products and services. Advent of internet, availability of print media, television, billboards and the like opt to be used so that customers are aware of the products and services offered.

Offer other services in addition to what they currently offer; apart from providing their customers with only one set of product and services, these companies need to diversify the same. For instance, a myriad of product and services may include, insurance, retirement plans, health income, educational saving plans, catering to mention but a few. This will provide them with an opportunity to capture market interested in such products and services, later on the companies can slowly and carefully introduce the products deemed to be difficult to sell and there is very high possibility of customers accepting the services and products initially thought not easy to sell.

Leadership; as noted by Levitt, (2005) companies does fail due to failed leadership. It’s worth noting that when companies have at their disposal leaders who are transformational and democratic, they tend to establish cultures that are suitable in fostering organizational effectiveness. Leaders who know the direction to take always succeed in meeting need and aspirations of their customers.

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Being customer creating and satisfying; despite the fact that advertisement is vital, without creation of an environment in which the organization puts their customer in focus, the efforts to advertise may not yield fruits. Such organizations opt to build rapport with the target market, listen to them, converse and interrogate so that they can be in a better position to clearly know, meet and provide them with need they desire. Putting their customers’ needs and aspiration at the center of their business strategy will provide the existing customers with quality services desired and this will translate to attraction of more customers.

Last but not least, continual efforts to educate their sale agents as well as the existing and future potential customers and partnering and merging with other companies will do the companies more good. It is important to equip their selling agent with more knowledge; this is provided by in-house training. Merging and partnering with other organizations will broaden their likelihood of getting more customers (Mullins Et al., 2010)


There are products and services deemed not easy to sell and include funeral services, diabetic equipment, and insurance cover to low income earners among other. The problem is attributed to poor leadership and adoption of vague strategies. A myriad of issues face companies that try to market such products. Various approaches that I believe will help such organization effect the relationship between them and their customer include educating them as well as sales agents, being customer centered, adopt a transformational and democratic/participatory leadership, offer additional products and services and actively advertise.

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