Organization Culture and Fosters Innovation Essay Sample

Organization Culture and Fosters Innovation

Organization culture is an observable, powerful force in any organization, made up by members’ shared values, believes behaviors and symbols. It usually guides decisions and actions of individuals at the level of unconscious. As an effect it has effect on the well being and success of the firm. Innovation is defined differently as some view it as introduction of new product while others measure innovation success in new service or business model terms. This paper identifies organization culture that fosters innovation that enhances in Correction organization to be more effective.

A culture of innovation can be a firm’s major source of competitive advantage and pays off steadily over years. Ones innovation is embraced by employees; it becomes a way of life. The strategy that correction organization should use to create innovative culture includes;

Everyone should be made accountable. Few individuals at the management level are not able to plan all activities of the company; workers should be given a right, responsibilities, and rewards that ensure they are accountable for their own deeds. This will give them room to uncover conditions and discover new ways of conducting business in a more effective manner, (Shapiro, 2010).

The other strategy is to encourage workers’ innovations and reward them sensibly. Correction should not turn to outside assistance, when they do have capabilities within there firm to carry out the task. The employees might do such tasks cheaply and better and they should be rewarded accordingly after the task, (Poskiene, 2006).

Replacing rigid processes with clear business objectives; Innovation can be stifled since the firm define business processes deeply, then hands these designs to the line that is expected to implement them from memory. The team of production should be allowed to decide on how to meet their objectives. This will result to responsibility for quality products on these teams.

Challenging workers to compete is another strategy. When challenged by internal or external organizations, the groups will be kept on toes.

Focus on their strength and outsource. This is another culture that leads to innovation and assist in staying at the nimble and competitive. It should focus on competitive differentiators, and relegate everything to partners having experts already (Shapiro, 2010.).

In conclusion, the correction firm has to look for an organization culture that fosters innovation so that it can become effective.

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