Hewlett Packard Essay Sample

Hewlett Packard

In the year 2007 the Hewlett Packard Company (also known as HP) was named the AXA corporate sustainability award awarded in European Business Awards. This gave the world a view that Hewlett Packard has a huge base globally. Since its inception in 1959 it has grown to be the leader in the technology to business, individuals, and institutions in large and small scale (Malone, 2008). HP has continued to deal successfully in products such as printers, scanners, calculators, PDAs, servers, and personal computers (PC).

Good customer services, best manufactured products, resource and development, and innovations across its huge established market across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) has enabled it to grow and be successful. The corporate objectives make the company drive its agenda in being the best company globally. The seven objectives include; customer loyalty, market leadership, growth, profit, employee commitment global citizenship, and leadership capability (Hewlett-Packard Home).

The company also deals with four areas so as to enhance global citizenship. These areas are; environment, privacy, supply chain responsibility, and social investment (Ross, 2010). These four areas make HP give back to society which is part of building a strong loyal customer base through corporate social responsibility.

For HP to invest in technology it is the best market since it keeps on changing and its demand keeps on increasing. HP has been known to produce quality products; that is why the products are much demanded. Technology has formed the basis of many innovations today and whenever a product in technology emerges then it is much demanded hence profits are made (Price & House, 2010). Also, information in the recent past has been seen to be transformed through technology.

The internet and its uses all need technology to be implemented. Being in the age of information such advanced innovations can only be achieved when technology is involved. Hewlett Packard (HP) should continue to concentrate on computers since it has been a major attraction in the world, and if any innovation is made in it then it would reap handsomely.

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