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The Company Profile

In the ever-changing world, the information delivery has become a business. The change was the ground, under which Google was born. The very idea behind the Google operations is becoming an omnipresent aspect of people’s lives. With time, this target has been realized; today, the company is the most lucrative and powerful global organization (Battelle, 2005). Years have seen the organization gaining the tops in the targeted market niches. The higher ranking would translate to millions of profits for the company. With the profitable market operations, the company has expanded its operations and become one of the biggest businesses in the world. It has collaborated with some of the most fascinating organizations that range from the governmental bodies to private enterprises. According to Battelle (2005), 2005 saw the company’s growth because of the partnership with NASA; this cooperation has led to the development of some departments and Google maps. The company’s impact in the world allowed the verb to google to be added to the Oxford dictionary. This event is considered a significant milestone for the organization. In the today’s search market, the company can be termed a dominant controller of shares. The company has developed the most popular search engine on the Internet that is estimated to be used by 54% of the users worldwide (Battelle, 2005). The company has grown to operate in different fields and offer various products. The paper covers the aspect of culture in the Google corporation.

Google’s Culture

For many years, the company has been investing in employees. The foundation of the company depends on the people they hire. The company works according to the idea of recruiting smart and determined employees who are the true drive for the enterprise. According to Schein (2010), the hiring policy of the organization focuses on the aspect of one's abilities rather than experience. People that the company contracts daily originate from different countries and speak so many languages. This fact, therefore, forces the company to find a way of including this diversity into the products they offer (Schein, 2010).

Another aspect is the company’s persistence in trying to maintain an open culture. That is to say, it strives to keep an operation, in which everyone is a hands-on contributor. The open culture also influences the way the organization formulates its ideas and opinion about the particular issues. A weekly all-hands meetings have been developed by the company called TGIF. During these meetings, the Googlers can ask the executives about any issues. The unique architectural designs of the offices allow the employees of different departments to get interact, share information, play, and just communicate. It is interesting that the company’s policies are shaped to ensure that every department shares the same culture. With the continued market operations, Google has been able to grow economically and maintain this culture (“Leadership style”, 2014).

When constructing a plane or building a house, one has to make certain preparations. Most companies require at least 12 to 24 months in order to deliver a finished business product (Jones, 2010). The timeframe is what every company of the 21st century has to set in the business plan (Jones, 2010). For the Internet company, however, it is different. The company always changes in order to meet the market's demands. Therefore, it is crucial to have a flexible and relaxed plan. The plans of the company should at all time change in order to fit the revolving Internet industry. Google was one of the companies that were considered a valuable player in the Internet industry. Little companies were the first to enter this big industry (Jones, 2010).

Reasons for Implementing Such Culture

Most companies look for a professional manager, a graduate of the business school who is thinking like any other corporate director. Google, however, promote the leaders from within the enterprise. The managers are groomed and given the tasks according to their skills, and not experience. This way, the company has managed to create its skilled personnel. There is a need to look at their web designers (Warnecke, 2011). These employees are dedicated to their work, and they can consider every aspect of the customers’ needs. It is also of note that the organization has an open office policy that allows for the interaction and coordination of the employees. A manager at Google would have gone through and experienced these policies and culture. The company is run according to these conditions. The management of Google is performed by a goal-oriented engineer; therefore, the results are amazingly good (Battelle, 2005).

As stated above, Google operates in the Internet industry. The revolution that is being witnessed in the market does not allow for any complacency. This type of business cannot be managed in the same way as in the other companies. The long-term goals would never allow a business like Google to succeed in the modern world. Therefore, the company is urged to look for the extraordinary skills and talents. The people that the company is hiring are always the top-performers in their field. Google has understood the value of exceptional skills and experience. In order to make succeed in this industry, it has to employ the best engineers and the most dedicated designers. Over the years, the company had been having problems with the applications designs. However, when the page was launched, everything looked pretty good. It was created to appeal to the customers’ esthetic nature. According to the stock portfolio of the company, the strategy seems to be working (Battelle, 2005).

The open culture, on the other hand, is helping the company develop a unique team of skilled personnel. Diversity is necessary for the company in order to succeed in this market. However, ensuring that this idea is followed means that the company has to open the doors for unification. The open office policy ensures that this aspect is achieved. The organization gives its workers room to make the most of their skills. They are free to interact and share their knowledge for the organization’s success. The open strategy that the company shares with its employees is a strategy of a cutthroat industry; if a corporation loses a foot, the employees are fired as quickly as possible (Warnecke, 2011).

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Suitable Leaders under the Culture

The leadership is an art that focuses on other people more than personal needs. The best leader for this business should adopt numerous styles of leadership. The coaching ability is essential, in this case (“Leadership style”, 2014). The Google Company is strong in the aspect of internal training so the manager of this company should focus on this point, as well. There is also the issue of fostering harmony in the organization. In the corporation, people believe that unity is critical in operations; therefore, it is crucial to find a leader, who will support this culture in the organization. The leader should also be a pacesetter. There is a need to have a leader who is knowledgeable in the running of the organization. This way, he or she would understand the needs and what has to be done to make the most of the employees’ expertise. All these issues are the characteristics of a leader required by Google (“Leadership style”, 2014).


A fall in the demand for the Google services would mean that the company is not meeting the customer requirements. Therefore, many factors can influence the demand to change. However, only the culturally-related aspect would affect the demand for the services of the Internet company. The market fall can be caused by the quality of the production or delivery. The organization, therefore, needs to reorganize its plan for the year. It is crucial to develop a different approach to the applications production and study the interests of the customers. This way, the company can kill two birds with one stone. A reorganized plan would mean that Google strategizes on how to be more appealing to the customer. The redesigning of the existing applications means more sales and profits. Google has developed a solid operating system over the years, which has made it the best company in the Internet industry. This point is up for the contention. However, in this market, so many eventualities can never be taken into considerations. When the company stops its development, it is going to obsolete in the process.

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In conclusion, every organization has a defined culture that dictates its operations with the customers and suppliers. Google’s culture is based on the progress, innovativeness, and customer satisfaction; these aspects have made the organization successful. As a company that operates in the information industry, it faces a very strong competition. In order to succeed and survive this long, Google must show that what it is doing is right. The company has developed to become a global trend with a billion and more users in various spheres of life. It has to deal with the whole world; its market also requires some level of aggressiveness that is evident in their company. Google has done everything in its power to ensure that it keeps ahead of all the competitors. It is clear that the success is possible because of the corporate culture and the way they treat this aspect. Google enjoys the benefits of organizational culture in the decision-making process and general operations of an organization. Therefore, the corporate culture should be considered a primary tool in the growth of an organization.

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