Effectiveness of Doles Marketing Strategy Essay Sample

Effectiveness of Doles Marketing Strategy

Dole has successfully used business-to-business marketing concept in its operations. Since Dole is a big company, it would be difficult for it to work on its own. Therefore, Dole has been integrating services provided by other businesses to perfect its operations. Business-to-business marketing involves a business distributing its products to other businesses in order to sell on their behalf. Dole, as the major vegetables and fruits producing company, has a very large market to cover as one unit. Large size of the market necessitated cooperation with other businesses to reach the whole target market.

In utilization of business-to-business marketing strategy, services of wholesalers are inevitable. To reach each segment of the target market, Dole needs several wholesalers. Wholesalers are business entities which buy goods in bulk from manufacturers and sell them both in large and small quantities afterwards. Wholesalers, evenly distributed throughout the market, are accessible to all consumers of the company’s products. Therefore, Dole has involved services of wholesalers in its marketing strategy to make products accessible to the target market. It has been effective since, all over the market, customers can easily access the products of Dole manufacturers from wholesalers and retailers’ shops.

Another marketing concept, which Dole employs successfully, is the use of distributors (Grewal & Levy, 2012). As a result of great demand for Dole’s products, the company has decided to embrace the services of distributors. Distributors are sales people who resell the products of a company without changing them. Since there are retailers who are far away from the manufacturing company, cooperation with distributors is inevitable. Distributors enable retailers to stock the products of Dole even when located far from the manufacturer. It is through the collaboration with distributors that allows the products of Dole to be available even in towns far from manufacturing centers (Grewal & Levy, 2012).

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