Career Development Plan Summary Essay Sample

Career Development Plan Summary

Companies enter into business arrangements with other companies in many forms. Such forms include mergers and amalgamations through which, the partners pool their resources together in an agreed way to increase productivity, expand the scope of operation and increase the customer base for a higher profit margin. When businesses merge, there is a characteristic of direct joining of individual companies’ resource including physical assets and employees. In the case of the merger of InterClean and EnviroTech, it’s a big challenge for the managers to harness the employees’ efforts by having a clear development plan on the job analysis, training and mentoring workers, appraisal and providing opportunities and adequate compensation (Cascio, 2005).

The productivity of any company is directly related to the manager’s leadership skills, qualifications and general attitude towards employees. It’s the fundamental role of the manager to absorb quality workers to the firm, train them adequately on the job at hand, develop the workers careers through seminars and adequately compensate them. All these are possible if a good policy exist in the organization that ensures the employees have a sound career development structure and advancement. According to Cascio (2005) managers are the policy makers and are directly entrusted to formulate these policies and implement them hence making them the most important people in the whole of the organization.

A clear plan of development of employees’ careers by the managers starts with a good communication system where the job responsibilities and feedback is conveyed to respective destinations in an efficient manner. This is important because the managers will be able to monitor the progress of the workers, understand their perspective or views on important issues such as future mergers. The changes that come with such business arrangements have a big challenge in the adjustment of the organization’s structure and the scope of operations. In the case of InterClean and EnviroTech, the former has its responsibilities expand from the selling of products to a more complex service provision meaning that new approaches are necessary. First of all, a new workforce will be brought on board and will have to intertwine with the already existing members. The managers have to come up with a job analysis on new responsibilities that are to be undertaken, the selection method to absorb the best placed employees to undertake those responsibilities and the advantages with the disadvantages of the chosen methods.

The job analysis method used in this scenario is the critical incidents. It’s an analysis focusing in the individual responsibilities. It’s believed, in this approach, that the behaviors of individuals are both questionable and measurable. Here the people who undertake the job have to undergo a thorough vetting system to establish their credibility. The sales force is one diverse team that requires sharp skills and good interpersonal relationships by these people to both insiders and the outside customer.

In this scenario, the sales force will be divided into two i.e. the product sale and the service provision part meaning a particular strategy has to be formed so that it can accommodate both the teams to work systematically. The responsibilities of the product sales team is to sell goods to the present and potential customers, maintain good knowledge on the goods, maintain customer loyalty and so on while the service provision team is to come up with a service package that is good and applicable to all, establish good customer relations. But the most important of all is answering all the questions that customers have regarding the goods and service. The coordination of these teams is to be done by middle level managers who will oversee the general running of the activities and partly supervise them.

After a thorough vetting absorption the recruitment of those employees, it’s necessary to train and mentor them. An effective mentoring program will have to be put in place to ensure team success. This will ensure that complete information of the individual is able to reach the management who will thus be able to develop the individual’s career. The individual worker is also able to adapt easily to the system.

Training and mentoring is among the first and definitely the most important of all the stages of employee’s career. It is one that gives insight to the worker regarding the activities they would undertake in the organizations. For our case the employees in the sales team are able to acquire knowledge on the products and the services on offer, they also learn systems and procedures regarding the industry, on top of it all the sales employees have an opportunity to learn quality service provisions to the customer. The new employees are able to be theoretically exposed to the new environment of the marketing world and are encouraged to come up with creative and workable plans on how to improve quality service delivery.

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This stage also makes the employees acquire a strong and efficient way of doing their job. This is through the performance standards and delivery methods in place that minimize wastage and maximize profit. The programs set levels that each sales worker should be able to achieve in a particular time frame. Efficient methods of measuring the work productivity are also a common feature in this stage. This includes given deadlines that go hand in hand with a given quantity of work. Feedback and mechanisms of communication are an important characteristic on this stage too.

When there is a good and timely feedback to the workers or in this case the sales force, there is prompt action taken concerning correction or appraisal. The poor performers are corrected or taken into action according to the set laws and the achievers are rewarded or promoted in the arrangement called ‘workers appraisal’. This is a plan that seeks to help workers reach a higher level of their work and individual performances through adequate improvements. This two merging companies have adopted a 360-degree appraisal systems which is where people compare their performances with those of others and also analyze their own performances from different perspectives. Customers, peers, customers, peers, and even competitors provide these perspectives. This will make the worker adjust and correct wherever there is an unsatisfactory performance.

This appraisal system works in such a way that managers, customers and peers give the feedback regarding a particular worker to the sales head and to the individual for rating. After this is done for all the participating workers, cash reward and other goodies are given to those highly performing workers. They are further given more privileges and can also access company-sponsored trainings and seminars to boost their careers. For those lagging behind the department heads can have a seminar with them to point out faulty activities which might have caused the failure hence improving the worker too. The 360 degree system is thus an all accommodating appraisal system that makes all the stakeholders rate the workers in their own perspective. It’s a good system especially in mergers as it is a transparent and open method of appraisal of the workforce.

When companies pool their resources especially the human resource, it’s inevitable that they will come with their different approaches ideas and perspectives regarding a particular work. Inter Clean workers who have an idea on product sale and marketing will be meeting additional workmates or colleagues who have a different experience since they deal with the sale of services. This demands a good structure of coordination and appraisal that can be able to deliver a sense of direction to the entire team. There is s requirement for an additional budget to equip the managers with necessary tools and materials in order to effectively monitor and make the necessary actions without a financial hitch. Above all the ground people who are the workers have to be adequately compensated and paid for motivation and an improved attitude towards work.

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Compensation can be argued perhaps as one of the most important part of individual career development. Many people will work with adverse conditions with a little monetary compensation. In such organization time the length of time that workers stay at the firm makes it sometimes demand that salary and allowances that the workers are to be revised (ViaSat, 2010). However, most of the sales departments in the organizations pay through the retainer amounts allowances and commissions. This makes it necessary for the management to have a particular strategy of remuneration in order not to have workers lose motivation when underpaid or relax in the workplace when given a little too much. Also a reasonable margin of difference between the highest and the lowest paid should be reasonable in order to encourage teamwork and avoid jealousy or envy.

A workable compensation strategy that has been introduced here makes it possible for the highest paid workers to be the most productive ones by the aspect of productivity. This is achieved through the aspect of separation of salaries, meaning, there is a split of salaries into basic salaries, the benefit salaries, bonuses and so on. On each part there has further been the rank of the highest paid and the lowest paid according to performance. Each employee is entitled to earn some amount in all the split part but it depends on their work to earn a higher amount. These competitive salaries are dependant on the workers’ job description plus what expertise they bring into the firm.

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However each worker can be entitled to receive travel allowances, subsidies and house allowances. This is to encourage the workers who are in the firm to be retained and avoid being poached with other firms. This retainer allowances are responsible for making the workers to have a given security as they are constant and hence be able to budget on it.

Bonuses area also an important part of the salary composition as they are periodical and make the workers have one thing to look forward to. They help the workers be able to spend on large items that normally won’t spend on a normal salary. They include gifts, awards or lump sum amounts given to some workers after some time like semiannually or annually. All these salary types have an effect of making the employees work harder without feeling overworked and the organization will thus make more profits more smoothly.

When merges like this happen, it’s important that even the workers be considered in opportunities that arise and the ones that are realized due to economies of scales. Some companies give their members educational trips or even pay for their graduate programs in order to further their career.

Since the role of the manager is the most important of all, it’s even more important in the merger situation as he or she determines the direction of the employee careers. All employees should be trained and mentored as well as equipped with relevant skills, and adequately compensated as well.

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