Car Washing Business In University Essay Sample

Car Washing Business In University

Market Strategy

i)      Product

The car wash will work towards for satisfaction of all the consumer needs and also for the profitability of the business.  Therefore, the prosperity of business depends on the quality of services offered (Gerald 2004).

ii)      Price

The car wash offers a wide variety of services to all types of vehicles and it intends to satisfy all customers’ needs. The prices are moderate and vary according to the consumer’s needs.

iii)     Place

The car wash is located at a strategic place which is convenient to all customers. The customers can get all the information concerning the services that they may get to buy from the business.

iv)     Promotion

Promotion in the car university car wash is one of the key elements in the marketing program of the company, since it is able to communicate all the marketing strategy decisions.  The promotion mix elements, which are mainly used by car wash, include personal selling, publicity and direct marketing, sales promotion and advertising (West, Ford & Essam 2010).

Selling Strategy

Our selling strategy will be very simple and will satisfy all our customers; this is one of our selling strategy tools in the developing of our product awareness of all customers. We are confident that students and staff will enjoy and find it fun having their vehicles cleaned within the university. We believe that when a customer leaves our shop satisfied, he/she will bring a new customer, and this will broadcast our business’ name to the public in support of the quality of our products.

The main goals in the selling strategy of the university car wash are to attain full growth potential, acquire new customers and to retain the old and existing customers. We will use some advertising campaigns through the internet and the media.

The selling strategy that the university car wash will use will include the following:

i)        Punch Cards: After bring a vehicle for 5 times in the business, the customer will get a 50% bonus on the next 3 services that he/she will require.

ii)       Prioritizing Customers experiences: if the customer is not satisfied with the car washing experience, no doubt, the customer will not visit us again. All the employees in the business well trained in customer service so as to be able to handle all the problems that might appear.

iii)    Special Bonus programs: A bonus program will increase the number of customers through its special bonus program. This is where a customer who brings more than 5 vehicles for service will be awarded with a 10% bonus on the total cost of the vehicles serviced.

The car wash has 3 main key deliverables:

i)        Sales Revenue

Sales revenue is one of the key deliverables which correlates with the success factors. The sales revenue shows the total amount of gross income which is produced. The total amount of money which is produced by the business is the total amount of sales.

ii)       Market Share

The market share is the market portion that the car wash owns and it indicates the percentage of the total sales of all the dresses which the boutique sales. It is in relation to the target market of the business.

iii)     Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the major key deliverables which can show customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction is very essential to the university car wash, since the customers are the determiners of the profitability of the business.

Sales Forecast

At the university car wash, we have the expectation that the sales of services will begin in a conservative manner. We have planned 15% growth rate during the first year; we expect that there will be an increase in the revenue to 20%. Therefore, we will gain a larger market share in the university and also an increase in the customer base. It illustrates the sales forecast for the first three years of the business operation.

Implementation Strategy

Overall Strategy

The strategies are the tools which are used for achieving the goals. There would be strategies which would be aimed at focusing new marketing communications, since the business has to communicate effectively with all its customers, so as to be able to get as many customers as possible. This communication can be done through the use of the new digital media and the social media, which includes the use of websites, mobile commerce, and TV, among other new digital technologies (Wilson 2006).

The reasons for using the social media in branding is that the social media is a relatively low investment high return medium of interactive communication. There are many benefits a firm can seek, as a consequence of using the social media platform (Aaker 2004).

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a)  Brand Awareness: the social media websites from Facebook, YouTube, and Flicker to Twitter provide a wide variety of platforms.

b)  Targeted and Niche marketing: the use of the social media to track and target customers and form niche segments is possible.

c)  Monitor customer feedback: the social media is a great new avenue for getting customer feedback for a brand.


The implementation of a business plan is very essential to a business. Therefore, for the plan to be able to produce desired results, it has to be widely accepted by the residents, during the first year of operation of the business (Bradley 2007).

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