Business Writing Letter, Memo Essay Sample

Business Writing Letter, Memo

Persuasive Memo

To all employees

There is for a to health and wellness program in this company. In this case, I kindly invite all of you for personal training session which are voluntary. Additionally, the company has decided to employ three fitness instructors. The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America has qualified as personal trainers by the. The trainers in this program are experienced people interested at improving skills and knowledge of employees. Additionally, the trainers have extensive training, which they received in their accreditation workshops. They have the following skills to offer:

  • Kinesiology and Anatomy
  • Fitness-assessment testing processes
  • Nutrition and weight
  • Motivation

This training will is beneficial to all employees as it adds to their skills. Additionally, the training program is voluntary and fits every employee as it is fixed at a convenient time. Therefore, it will not hinder effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace. I kindly remind you to sign up and be one of the employees going through the training. Welcome and plan to join to learn.


Portfolio Project 3

Bad News Message

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Brady,

It has been wonderful to see your Brett grow up as a strong and charming boy since he joined Tiny Tots Day Care. We appreciate your support and the timely payment of fees as well as other important aspects. It has been a wonderful experience which is really encouraging.

However, it is with great regret that we announce to you the dismissal of your son from the institution. This is because the child is unable to get along with other kids. The boy has frequently bitten other kids, causing one kid to require stitches. He has also kicked a teacher, pulled other children’s hair, hit and scratched others. We have tried to correct the by but we have not observed any change. Therefore, the boy has to be expelled from the institution to prevent more and more parents from pulling out their children from the center.

However, the boy is a quick learner who has shown great hopes in learning. He takes instructions and knows how to communicate. Additionally, the child has indicated leadership qualities despite his tiny age. Therefore, the boy will probably change in the new institution and become a great person in the future. We wish you all the best in the next endeavors.

Thank you 

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