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Business Law

Currently, online auctions serve both sellers and buyers. These online searches have revealed thousands of differences from contracts that normally exist in offer and acceptance. Many individuals have their own evidence from their experiences that as well echo views of sellers. Online auction situations are no longer interesting, new, fashionable, safe, or cost effective. Now most sellers and buyers are annoyed with despotic corporation regulations, criminal interests of panders, and price gouging that are involved in online auctions.

A major problem is that all available websites have become very vulnerable to any technical malfunctions. These problems cost the involved individuals a significant amount of money. The clients who encounter such problems when using a particular site may never use it another time since they had to wait (Henry, 36).

Some online auctions normally lack highly-charged, lively, and intensely competitive atmosphere most auctions in the present world have. It results in less competitive bidding that leads to lower prices. An online auction undergoes a dramatic surge in activities that involve bidding at the end, while the normal one demonstrates a sustained competitive bidding from start to finish.

In connection with offer and acceptance, criminal activity is another problem that an e-commerce websites may be susceptible to. If various customers use a particular site to pay for their items, it is crucial to consider scanning the server for any security risk (Henry, 25). It is better not to conduct all commercial activities online since not everyone is familiar with auctions on the Internet. Most elderly people as well as those who come from remote areas do not get access to these electronics. Moreover, some might have computers at homes or offices without knowing how to use them. Therefore, basing of all auctions online may lead to loss of customers from different companies.

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