Summary of the Concert Essay Sample

Summary of the Concert

The main purpose of the paper is to provide the summary of the Jazz and Afro-Cuban Ensembles concert that took place in the Performing Arts Theatre, Cuyamaca College on 15th of May. The ensemble has been directed by Derek Cannon and John Reynolds. The music of the ensemble is known to be bright and extremely variable, with the series of different compositions that span from Classic Jazz music to the vibrant and emotional Afro-Cuban jazz. This music is gaining the new birth these days with the rapid growth of population of jazz in all the new interpretations of this incredible music type. Therefore, concert gained proper attention and the theatre was full with the public.

The concert started with the energetic jazz composition. Afro-Cuban jazz is extremely specific music style that is one of the earliest forms of Latin jazz music and, therefore, the compositions combined the clave-based Afro-Cuban rhythms with specific techniques of improvisation and classic jazz harmonies that makes it extremely bright and live. Musicians have caught the audiences’ attention with the help of extremely emotional and expressive performance. The rhythm has been gradually changing from slow and graceful rhythm to dynamic Afro-Cuban musical motives. The music somehow combined the European and African motives, becoming a mixture of different music traditions and, therefore, it indirectly united people with different tastes, people of different ethnicities and origins. The impact of the positive atmosphere produced by the energetic and dynamic melodies was felt immediately within the theatre. Cuban motives enrich American jazz style that results in the interesting and unusual sound and rhythms.

The great power of the musicality of the band and the initial concept easily comes through the original songs of the members of the ensemble. A digressive line is followed by the seven beat plays upon typical jazz rhythms of Afro-Cuban style and lasts until the moment when a twisting percussion instruments that break out and guide musicians to a more classy traditional and mere groove of six beats of the main melody. These transformations add expression to the music, the change of accents makes it more energetic and interesting for the audience, attracts the attention of people. Moreover, the move to the groove gives the band space for charging and, therefore, they are ready for the next pole. The ensemble is professionally building the melody into a polyrhythmic delirium just before the transformation when they get the things down to a spirited piquant simmer for an extremely touching and lyrical solo. The rapid increase of emotion gives new dimension of the understanding of the compositions and makes it more familiar to every person individually, according to the personal feelings and impressions. The interesting and sudden leap into the improvisation with a deep and expressive music tone and the strong commitment to the general mood and ideas let musicians bundle up around the clave and with professionally syncopated rhythms and unforgettable melodies. Suddenly, a break comes out and gets the rhythm of the melody to a sharp 6/8 rhythm that completely changes the sound. This new rhythmic specification works as the basis for the ferocious solo. In general, it can be said the melody is extremely changeable and unstable that makes it more unique and unusual. These tools are used in order to add new colors to the Afro-Cuban sound.

The compositions are played in the specific order, and therefore more classic and calm melodies are changed with the dynamic rhythms and brave improvisations that come up suddenly and produce additional attention to the performance of the musicians. The ensemble plays in the perfect harmony and it can be heard the all the members take into account the specific abilities and general plying character of each other that produced perfectly coordinated work. In addition, the mood of the soot is immediately felt by the rest of the band and, therefore, improvisation always gets its development within the composition. As it is known that the ensemble is ready and willing to produce the combination of the Afro-Cuban jazz with the influences that are around them, there are specific features within the organization of the repertoire of the band. The classic groove can be suddenly changed by the funky, experimental Cuban groove that sends the ensemble flying towards absolutely new dimension on the song. The change of the character of the melody and the mixes of the different tones within the style gives the new birth to the old compositions and melodies enrich the repertoire of the band. This produces exciting impression and demonstrated the development of the music character of the band, their adaptation to the new tendencies and the cotemporary approach they have to the music. It is seen that the local styles really matter and therefore the music of the ensemble is really unique and interesting for the observation.

The current report concerning the recent concert of the Afro-Cuban Jazz ensemble music represents extremely interesting analysis of the local jazz music. One of the oldest styles of the Latin jazz music that was born as the specific combination of American, European, Cuban and African styles, demonstrated the richness of the variable melodies with the help of the professional work of the band. The compositions were extremely unusual, emotional and impressive. The rapid changed within the rhythm and the tempos produced the unbelievable impression, represented the real energy of music and the incredible connection among the musicians. It was felt that the music has gained its development with the influence of the local tendencies, and therefore it is really specific and unique.

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