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Creativity belongs to every person on this Earth who can understand and appreciate the beauty of the nature and all unique things that surround people everywhere. The question is how to consider this point according to the overall opinions as tastes differ. Moreover, creativity include such vastness of thinking that it is merely impossible to follow some stable or appropriate measures and manners how to design an office or the whole house. As for me, I express my creativity in simplicity and minimalism as it is important to feel love to life and beauty in my sphere of space all the time.

“Design is the application of creativity to the suitability of things and spaces for their purpose” (Philiphodgetts, 2011). First, I would like to express my own thoughts about the creative decoration as a notion in general, and then I will express my personal experience and first lucky attempts to decorate the house of my close friend. As I mentioned, I love life with all its surprises and difficulties I can encounter, but it makes me strong and even tough, because it inspires me to create something special, but very simple in style, as namely simplicity makes a person feel freedom and the comfort he tries to reach coming back home or going to the updated office. However, the decoration of the house is not an easy thing, because every member of the family can possess his/her own idea. It is usually done in order to decorate the place in a modern style installing only up-to-date objects that will be suitable to a new interior. On the other hand, people spend at home a half of their lives, and they want to admire every part of their native rooms that present much comfort and all conditions for the relaxation. Nevertheless, it is quite easier to decorate an office, as all things must be located upon the appropriate purpose; if those things take too much space, they will press e workers who spend their working hours there trying to perform job well in the given conditions. The so-called conglomeration distracts the workers’ attention, making it difficult to concentrate on the significant tasks and goals they should complete and fulfill. Thus, nothing spare or extra must be placed into the office, because the working process will be long drawn out, heated, and, in some cases, it can be even difficult to breathe, because many objects can irritate anyone. All objects must interact with each other.

Knowledge is power, but experience is the integral part of the success in design. I know for sure that to learn everything is impossible, because I will get knowledge in my future profession during all my life, as there is no limit for perfection. On the other hand, knowledge must be supported by permanent practice, which I call the irreplaceable experience. Thus, a half of a year ago, parents of my friend bought a small beautiful house with a terrace near the sea and offered me to decorate it according to my taste, but taking into account the desires of my friend. That was my first experience to apply my knowledge and reveal my talent in “art and design”, because I had never had such a great opportunity before. Of course, I did not expect that people could trust me so much giving an incredible chance to display my abilities and skills. As for me, I understood that I had to approach my new mission with all responsibility and attention I possessed, because people trusted me, and I definitely wanted to prove that they could rely on my creativity. Moreover, I began to imagine that I would be proud of my creation sharing my achievement with all people who really loved me on this Earth being happy for my intentions to reveal myself as a designer. Therefore, I began muse about the appropriate project how to create it professionally, but with comfort and simplicity, because that house was for a rest, and I decided to design it according to my main views as a designer based on simplicity and minimalism in order to feel free forgetting about everything that could disturb the inhabitants of the house. However, when I came there for the first time, a bluish green sea inspired me to draw a detailed sketch of every room a bit changing my intentions as for a cozy living room with antique furniture, because there was an old fireplace like an old, eternal inhabitant of the house with its adorable terrace viewing the sea.

It is said “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched; they are felt with the heart” (Goodreads, n.d.). I know that beauty cannot be unnoticed, but during that period of my first creativity, I did not want to make it showy and bright, because I associated that house with romantic feelings or even with two lovers who cannot imagine their life without each other. Undoubtedly, it was the boundless impact of the vast sea that was visible from every corner of the house due to the huge windows and a veranda made of clear, but glimmering glass. After my first visit of the house, my drawings were ready in two weeks, and the parents bought everything to make this fascinating house live a new life. My friend, Alice, told me that she would fully rely on my taste and talent in order to create something that would not resemble our huge city flats or houses we live in; that is why, I decided to chip the walls to the middle of the living room with wooden boards, covering them with a beige-colored lacquer.

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