Cinematic Elements in "Love Thy Nature" Film Essay Sample

Cinematic Elements in "Love Thy Nature" Film

The film Love Thy Nature illustrates how human beings have lost connection with nature. The movie takes viewers on a mysterious journey through the intimacy and beauty nature. It shows how important a renewed connection with the esthetic nature is to human wellbeing. It also helps to understand how to solve climate and environmental crises. With some leading environmentalists, the movie showcases the modern science of Biomimetics or Biomimicry. Biomimicry refers to the imitation of natural models, systems, and other components in order to develop efficient inventions that can be used to solve human challenges (“Love Thy Nature”).

The camera movement and lighting are some of the cinematic elements used in the movie. The camera is usually used to make suggestions of the viewpoint of nature. Low or high angle shots indicate where people are facing. A panoramic shot used shows that an individual is surveying the scene. A tracking shot signifies that a particular character is in motion. Zooms are used in the place of tracking shots. Zooms help show fast movement in space and time. They help create an illusion of displacement of objects and people in space and time. Zooming-in helps isolate an object or person while a zoom-out places an object or person in a wider range (Jhala et al. 69). Panning is also used in the film to display a full range of features. Swish panning has also been utilized. Movement from one object to the other is enhanced. Different camera angles have also been used. Low angles exaggerate strength and size of an object. High angles and Dutch angles have also been applied.

Lighting is the other cinematic element used in the film. Some of the aspects of lighting bring out different features of nature. They include low-key lighting, high-key lighting, neutral lighting, and ambient lighting (Jhala et al. 69). Low-key lighting indicates a scene with little light. Such a scene is characterized by shadows and darkness. Bright light is characterized by openness, brightness, contrasts between dark and light as well as the lack of shadows. Ambient light refers to the room light.

Other types of lighting include key lighting, backlighting, fill light, harsh/hard lighting as well as soft lighting. Key light refers to the artificial light in a shot. It illuminates the entire scene. Backlighting is also used to provide light to a given object. Fill light usually comes from one side of an object thereby softening shadows. It also illuminates parts that are not covered by other types of light. Soft lighting makes actors appear more attractive. The light has been used in emotional scenes (Jhala et al. 71).Such type of light has been used to create a mood of happiness, romance, or comfort.

Effectiveness of Cinematic Elements in the Movie

Love Thy Nature is an interesting film that introduces viewers to environmental issues. The movie demonstrates environmental concerns through various processes such as observing a bird’s beak so as to envision a high-speed bullet train. The film shares fascinating spectacles of the earth while, at the same time, reveals how a deep connection with the environment transforms humanity as communities and people. Different cinematic elements have been used to emphasize the beauty of nature.

That kind of transformation inspires people to restore the ecosystem. The film also encourages one to take care of themselves as well as their families. Camera movements have helped in illustrating how important the environment is to human beings. The high and low angle shots show where individuals are facing. For instance, the camera focuses at a person staring at natural features. Doing so helps one pay more attention to the environment by seeing the beauty of it. Panoramic shots have been used to survey different parts of the atmosphere thus enabling the viewer to pay attention to nature. It is also possible to compare different types of natural features.

Zooming in and out is an element that helps the viewer pay attention to a specific object. Through this technique, one can understand the effects of people’s actions on nature. Environmental crises threaten the survival of species. Zooming helps one get connected with nature (Jhala et al. 77).The connection with nature makes one value human evolution.

Lighting in the film helps viewers pay close attention to different types of natural features. It has also been used to lay emphasis on the beauty of nature. Nature heals and restores people in different times. Love Thy Nature aims at renewing human love for the natural things in the environment by making people value the beauty of everything on the planet. Different patches of light, darkness, and shadows create different moods in the film. It also helps understand what the characters in the film are going through. Different types of lighting evoke emotions of confidence, curiosity, imagination, wonder, peace of mind, and vitality (Jhala et al. 74).

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Panning, swish panning, pull back shots, and tilt shots have been used to enable the viewer to appreciate nature. In full depth, color, and texture, the movie shows the origin and the way the planet operates. It also enables to understand how other forms of life act. For instance, a human cares for a baby the same way a mother bear cares for its cub. It is worth noting that every life form breathes in the same way. Lighting enables the viewers to understand different creatures thus indicating that animals rely on similar elements of survival. Cinematic elements used in Love Thy Nature are quite effective in bringing out the theme of the film.

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