Personal Essay

One of the most creative assignments among all types of custom writing is personal essay. No matter whether you write about your own life experience or someone else’s, the style and manner are rather intimate in personal essays writing. You are free to describe your impressions, opinions and views using diverse stylistic devices. The aim of personal essay is to share your feelings and experience with the readers, so it must be expressive, absorbing and persuasive. It demonstrates the author’s individuality and personal evaluation. Very often it has autobiographical content.

Specialists argue about the differences between men and women personal writing. Some of them claim that there are radical differences between them, while the others disagree. Generally, men are considered to be more realistic and dramatic on any issue, while women are concentrated on illusive perception of the end of the story. Women are also characterized by focusing on unnecessary specifications of external aspects and inner experience, while men make analysis of the future end of the story at once.

Any way, the most important part of personal writing is expression of personal individuality and experience. This type of essay acquaints the readers with the inner world and consciousness of a person. Thus, writing personal essay is a very important assignment given to students during the study process.

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