Informal Essay

This type of papers differs from other essays because it is written mainly for enjoyment. It can be persuasive or informative, but its statement is less formal. It can be based on your own opinion expression, personal observations and humor. Quality informal essay is written in relaxed style, but has a strong structure.

In comparison with formal essay, informal essay is more relaxed and personal. When in a formal essay the writer is silent and just states common facts, in an informal essay the writer often speaks directly to the reader and becomes closer. Writing an informal essay, students should not be afraid to express their thoughts in a humorous manner. In most cases, an informal essay does not sound academically since the aim of such kind of writing is to entertain the readers.

The topic of informal essay writing can vary since it is rarely limited by some subjects. The topics for informal papers can sound like 'Divorce and Marriage', 'The Best Day of My Life', 'My Religion', 'The Most Unforgettable Journey'. From the first sight, these topics can sound as easy ones, but a student needs to be familiar and intimate with them to compose a good informal essay.

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