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Our custom writing services are dealing with thousands of orders every month. The majority of our customers are university students looking for help with their essays, or their Ph.D. thesis, or dissertation. Whatever may be the thesis format, our Ph.D. writers will carefully analyze your case and help you throughout the process. You might help choosing topics for dissertations, or you might need some help to analyze your data and complete your chapter IV. We will help!

Usually, most of our customers have already an approved topic and their literature review completed when they apply for our services. Therefore, here are the steps our professional writers will go through to write your dissertation thesis when you buy Ph.D. thesis or dissertation writing help starting this point:

  • First, our writer will take care of understanding the topics for dissertation you took. He/she will read all attachments and supporting documents you produced so far. Including your proposal, every requirement and article you suggested him/her. With this, our Ph.D. thesis or dissertation writer will be ready to move forward.
  • Then, he/she will work on your statistical or qualitative methodology. If you did not collect the data, we start by providing you a careful assistance to find the best strategy to analyze and collect the data. We also determine the reliability and the quality of your data. Assuredly, experimental design (data collecting) is the most important part of your project since the time lost dealing with bad samples is lost forever.
  • We also help you with the writing of a draft of the methods section in APA thesis format. You will submit it for feedback to your committee, and we will make all changes required or advised to get it approved. For you to consider that a revision is free of charge within 2 days after deadline expiration.
  • If any assistance is needed when you enter your data, we will help you set up a template and we can even enter the data for you in exchange of a reasonably cheap price.

If all this was done, the topics for dissertation were accepted and your proposal has been already approved. You are ready for a quantitative and qualitative analysis. We would offer you the following services:

  • Once your data collected, our professional writer will analyze it using the software that was recommended by your committee. Many online services cannot provide such service because they do not have the suitable programs. At Prime-Essay.com, our team of experts has a professional efficiency with all modern methodological and statistical programs.
  • Then, we will provide you with a professional draft of your results. It includes the results of the analysis, in APA format, with detailed explanation.
  • For a small additional fee, you could benefit from our professional editing service. Our editors are qualified experts with APA format, but also with each university citation rules and particularities. An editor will proofread your work and suggest new ways to approach the topic that you might not have thought at first. He/she will also take good care of checking every source and reference and give the accurate format of a dissertation to each of them.
  • It is also possible to ask for help with developing and expanding your literature review or your discussion section. Please, refer to the section on this service.
  • We truly care about customers who order Ph.D. theses or dissertations. That is why we offer support to your writing throughout the whole process. Our writer will be in constant communication with you. Our customer service is available 24/7 every day of the year and is ready to answer any technical question on your thesis. We can show you how to interpret the results, we can suggest you some material and even create a PowerPoint presentation to present your thesis for you. Not forgetting about our preparation help for the defense of your thesis and for the peer review process.

Order now your dissertation thesis at Prime-Essay.com, secure it with our services!

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