Classification Essay

Classification essay is often compared with definitive and descriptive essay, but it is not the same. The distinguishing feature of classification essay is that it organizes a topic or a subject into categories. The main purpose of such investigation is to divide the whole information into different categories and analyze them to come to the right conclusion.

While writing a classification essay, it is important to determine the order of categories. Some writers prefer to discuss the strongest and the most important ones at the beginning of the essay, other authors leave the most interesting for the end. There is no right or wrong position in this matter. Everything depends on the topic and its presentation.

Good written classification essay should do three things. The first is that all ideas should be categorized in the most relative and constructive way. Here, a writer must not forget that too many categories can confuse the reader. The second is that essay should follow a particular organizing theory, which explains how to arrange the categories properly. The third thing is to find remarkable examples for each category.

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