Cause and Effect Essay

Analytical skills are perfectly introduced in cause and effect essay. This type of essay explains why some things have happened (cause) and what results they have entailed (effect). Cause and effect method is basic in organizing and discussing common ideas and investigation of their consequences.

When a student starts writing a cause and effect essay, first of all, he/she should distinguish the cause of the discussed problem or issue and its effects. It becomes clear when you ask a question like 'Why did it happen?' to determine the cause and 'What happened because of it?' to fix the effects. After this is done, a student can develop a thesis statement. It is important to determine whether cause and effect essay is focused more on cause, effects or both.

The next step is to find the supporting details for your main ideas. Then, the details should be blended smoothly to compose logically structured cause and effect essay.

Writing cause and effect essay remember your purpose and determine whether you want to inform or persuade, focus mainly on immediate and direct causes, use supporting evidences for your ideas.

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