Book report

Book report writing is a common task among students that is aimed at motivating students to contemplate about life and important experiences. Good book report should include information about the author, the title and genre of the book and the main plot. The student has to present the main messages of the writer to the reader and consider all problems and questions of the book.  Book reports are written in narrative style and contain subjective impressions of the writer. In addition, the learner should objectively characterize a book as it is the literary heritage.

The student who writes a book report can give his/her comments on the general message of the book; however, it is not accepted to criticize specific structure or style aspects. The most important thing is to understand and generally describe the main plot and problems raised in the studied book.

Book report consists of introductory, main body and conclusive parts. Introduction must be strong and impressive to capture the readers’ interest. Main body explores strong places of the book, its characters, symbols, writing style and tone, writer’s point of view and hidden messages. Conclusion is a summary of your previous writing that describes the most important aspects of the analyzed material.

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