World War ? Essay Topics

World War ? Essay Topics

When you take a history class, you might need to write an essay on World War I. Keep in mind that this kind of paper has to be very informative. To make it informative, you need to do a profound research, find accurate historical facts, and carefully analyze them. Your first important step is to choose a good and interesting topic.

Things to Consider while Writing an Essay about World War I

Remember about your target audience and share your opinion in a way that will be interesting and understandable for your readers. Make reference to the historical facts that surrounded the event of your choice. Show your knowledge on the topic and critically analyze the facts you are describing. You can also share your opinion on the argumentative topics related to World War I, for example, by speaking about the necessity of this war, punishment for Germany after the war, etc.

Examples of Essay Topics on World War I

  • Causes of World War I
  • The role of imperialism at the beginning of World War I
  • Differences of World War I from other wars
  • The USA fighting in World War I
  • Australia fighting in World War I
  • Russia fighting in World War I
  • Military futility and World War I
  • Outcome of World War I
  • Causes of defeat of Germany in World War I
  • Effects of World War I
  • The role of democracy at the end of World War I

In addition to the abovementioned topics, there can be many other options. In your essay on World War I, you can speak about the use of technology in the war, weapon production, and the use of such weapons as tanks, guns, ammunition, and gas bombs. You can also tell why battles of World War I were different from all the previous battles. Compare and contrast them with some of the armed conflicts that took place before. Also, you can talk about the super powers that took part in the war (Germany, France, Russia, and England) and discuss how it changed the world.

When your teacher allows you to choose the topics by yourself, feel free to pick the one that interests you the most. In this case, it will be much easier for you to write a good and informative essay. If you feel confused about choosing the topic, you can turn to our experts for assistance. Not only can we help you select the topic of your interest, but also we can write the entire paper for you. Our professional writers offer you premium writing services regardless of the level and volume of the paper you need. You will certainly be satisfied with the result when you get an absolutely new, non-plagiarized, and high-quality essay written from scratch specially for you.

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